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This is Another Painting from Artist Danny Roberts of Canadian blogger and artist Erika Altosaar. The Portrait is apart of his Blogger Portrait Series


Erika Altosaar

Well, i came home last night quiet tired. Had a full day’s work under my belt, and did some coaching after work. Right about the time for me to finally “tuck-in” I stumbled on to an amazing blog. It was full of charcoal drawings and paintings from a Canadian named Erika Altosaar. As i looked through her site, i was delighted by all the sketches. (Charcoal holds a special place in my heart cause that’s what i learned how to draw on) But suddenly when i was about to the bottom of the page, one of her pictures stopped me dead in my tracks. i loved the expression and the mood of the picture. You should know me enough by now to know that i kinda couldn’t resist drawing it, no matter how tired i was. So i walked up to my studio and heard the rain start to fall down, and it was sealed; i had to paint. This portrait i think is my first drawing where i sketched it completely with a brush. And it’s the newest addison to the Blogger Portrait Series. Well, i hope you like! Happy middle of the week! Oh, and check out Erika’s blog

This is art out of Danny Roberts Character Sketchbook. This is the 68th out of 200 drawings in the book

The Lily and Gemma book

Number 68

Well, rise and shine my friends, another new day has begun. How are you doing? I’m going into work today, so i thought i would post a little blast from the past. This drawing is from Volume 1 of The Character Sketchbook. i drew it with these super cheap color pens. hahah i think the model in the picture is Heather Marks. Well, my friends, i think i’m off for now. Be back soon enough. I think I’m going to be going into the “experimental stage” soon, which means i might have some new techniques to show you all! :)

This is another portrait from Artist and Fashion Blogger Danny Roberts of Australian Model Zanita Whittington morgan



Well first off i want to say thank you for a wonderful morning. :) i woke up to over a dozen wonderful comments this morning and it was such a blessing. you all are way too nice! thank you thank you for all your encouraging words. Well i know it’s been a while since my blogger portrait.… well not counting yesterday… hah but this weekend i finally had a short window to draw a few. This one is of an Australian model and blogger Zanita Morgan of the blog i stumbled onto her blog a few weeks ago, and it’s really fun! such a fun and playful blog. please check it out. Today is going to be an interesting day for me. I dedicated today to writing, Meaning getting organized and getting paper work, interviews, emails, etc. done, Which i have to say, isn’t my strong suit. So i just got me an extra BIG coffee and am about to bunker down and type! Woot woot! How’s your Monday going so far?

Fashion Artist Danny Roberts newst portrait of blogger sensation Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast blog



Happy, happy Sunday. Wow, my neck is sore! I went to Six Flags Magic Mountain yesterday, and oh my goodness gracious! Wow, some of those rides were freaky! Shoot! I haven’t been scared like that in awhile. I’m afraid of heights, so roller coaster rides make for a tiring day… i definitely need to find a good masseuse one of these days, but yes, it was so fun. Well, on a different note, i did another drawing of fellow Californian blogger Rumi of the blog Fashion Toast. She has quiet a lovely blog click here to check it out. i hope you like the portrait :) and i hope you all are having a great day!

This is a painting Danny Roberts did right when was starting out doing art.

Large Format Art

A Short Film About Love.

SO a few weeks ago i saw a movie by my favorite director Krzysztof Kieślowski, it was Called ” A short Film About Love” and i have to say, it’s one of the most brilliant and interesting movies i’ve seen in i can’t remember how long. It’s definitely unlike any Love story you have every seen… haha Though it was really different, for some reason, i could really relate to it. Not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing? haha Not sure why i’m posting about it. But i was sitting and drawing and listening to music today, and a sort of cheesy sappy love song came on, and it made me start thinking about how there are stereo typical imagery when the word “Love” is mentioned generally. For example, i think of a big heart floating in the air, haha but when each of us thinks of love in terms that apply to us, we picture a whole other set of images, and these aren’t generic at all, they’re specific to us and our dreams and experiences… i don’t know, i was thinking about that yesterday and cracking up because when i thought about it, the most random sequence of images popped in my head. So i was thinking as a little homework assignment to you all, since I’m definitely a person that likes telling stories through images, i thought it would be interesting to have yawl post two images that remind you of love. Not generic love, but your personal version of it… i don’t know, you don’t have to if you don’t want to.. wow this is a quiet the rambling post… i should probably go to bed now. hahaha oh p.s. the picture is a 5ft painting i did 3-4 years ago.

This is Artist Danny Roberts Cover Version for London Based Dazed and Confused Magazine Cover Version Contest

Feature Press Magazine Cover

A Little Dazed & Confused

Well, well, well, the day starts and we are already off working. For the last two years i haven’t really bought any clothes, (which is kinda funny being a fashion artist. hah) cause i’ve been investing constantly in things of a business nature, (Art supplies, Prints, Cameras, etc.) I think i still have one more major purchase, but alas i find my clothes starting to dissolve. hah. Quite the Dilemma, huh? Well anyways, the post today is the Cover i did for the Dazed and Confused Cover Versions Contest. The contest ends today. In the past, i’ve been super anxious for competitions, hoping, wishing, and praying i win. But always, to no avail… there are so many Factors in Art Competitions that i think i will just chill, haha. Plus, i don’t really meet the requirements; i’m not under 18, but i’m hoping they’re going to forgive me being 5 years older. hahah Well, i hope you like it. Wow, I’m ramblingUpdate: My cover got selected and published in Daze and Confused cover issue.

Danny Roberts drawing of Sisters Sophie Ward and Gemma Ward out of his Character Sketchbook

Volume 2

The Ward Sisters

Danny Roberts drawing of Sisters Sophie Ward and Gemma Ward out of his Character Sketchbook

Well, yesterday afternoon, i got one more request to post this picture from the Vision Article. Hope you like it. This drawing is one of my personal favorites. It reminds me of summers when i was a little lad. Hope you all are having an amazing week. P.S. To those who have emailed or commented questions, i haven’t forgotten about you. i’ve been working non stop lately, but once i finish up, i shall respond! Sorry about that. ;)

This page is Danny Roberts Cover of the Vision Art Section in the November 2008 issue of Vision Magazine china

Feature Press

Vision Magazine!

Howdy there, my friends. Sorry for the few days sabbatical; been working a lot on a project. Can’t really talk about it due to my contact, but it should be really cool, and i should be able to share it with you soon! Yesterday, my copy of the lastest Vision Magazine arrived. I’m super excited; it’s a really great publication out of China. They did a feature on my work, and had me draw the header/cover page of the Art section. i hope your like it. Please check them out. Also, did an Interview with the lovely Marie Déhé of Dirty Glam Magazine for her blog Carnet de mode. Please check her blog out!

This page is Danny Roberts Cover of the Vision Art Section in the November 2008 issue of Vision Magazine chinaThis picture is a photo of the first and second page of Danny Roberts Interview with Vision Magazine china, out of there November 2008 issueThis is the third and forth page of the Danny Roberts Interview with Vision Magazine china, out of there November 2008 issue


You All are Incredible.

So i stumbled on to the site Polyvore…. and i was amazed at how creative all of you are with my drawings. I couldn’t believe how many collages had my drawings in them! It was SERIOUSLY such a huge blessing. I’m so Impressed, I went through and posted 5 of my favorites (they are in no particular order) I just wanted to dedicate this post to thank all of you for this! Thank you!

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