Artist Danny roberts birthday self portrait for his 34th birthday

Self Portrait

34 – Birthday Portrait

Thank you for birthday wishes. You made it a very special one. Years ago, I started a tradition of doing a self portrait on my birthday. This portrait is my favorite one so far. It perfectly captures how I was feeling at the time. This last year was hard but at the same time I’m so excited to take on the next one. I’ve been working on something super special for all you. It’s a way for me to show my appreciation for everything. I should be done with it soon. :)

Close up of Artist Danny roberts birthday self portrait for his 34th birthday
A self portrait of danny roberts and his girl

Self Portrait

What I See When I Close My Eyes

Hey friends! How are you?  Had a pretty relaxing weekend, So spent the last week getting everything to release the EP my friend & I did. I’m super excited about it.  It’s going to be released July 12!
The Painting today is one of my favorite new pictures. I think it’s one of my all time favorite self-portraits. it’s kind of trippy how much it looks like me! haha There is a strange dream like feel to the picture. Let me know what you think. I hope you like it :)

Fashion Artist and igor and andre founder danny roberts black and white self portrait

Self Portrait

A Self-Portrait for

Hello friends, How is your weekend going? Mine was great! We celebrated my mom’s birthday, and then had a family reunion today. It was amazing seeing everyone. Well for those of you who didn’t see the article. the painting above is the Self Portrait i did for them. I have to say i think it’s my favorite Self Portrait so far. I really hope you like it! :) P.S. Have you all seen Gossip Girl? Someone said they thought they saw my painting in Chuck Bass’s room? I’ve never seen the show and don’t know who Chuck Bass is… but am dying to know if the painting was in there? I think that would be funniest/coolest thing to see if it is in the background. P.S.S. Thank you idiom row for the portrait you painted, you’re amazing!

Danny Roberts Self Portrait

Self Portrait

Self Portrait 2.0

Hello my friends, How are you doing? Well, i’m currently working on an interview (which i will fill you in on soon :) but for it, i repolished and reworked up my former Self Portrait. You remember this one? It’s the one i made a speed up video about a year ago. If you want to see the video Click Here. But yea, i ended up painting more on it and completely reworking it. i hope you like it. :)

This is a self portrait Danny Roberts did with crans

Self Portrait

I Play With Crayons

Hello friends, please forgive my quick sabbatical. My 4 best friends came into town and reunited in the first time in a while. We have all been friends since i was in 2nd grade, so needless to say, i was out and about. Posted some pictures from it up on my Image Diary. The picture i posted is a goofy self portrait i did with a little Crayon set. It was really fun drawing and coloring with crayons. Wow, there are so many fun things to do when you are a little kid; coloring, playing tag, playgrounds, Hide and Go Seek, the hot lava game. i’m been really wanting to play those games lately. i need to find a group to play it with… and probably need to find a good forest for it, too.

Self-Portrait from my journal" alt="This is image is art is a self portrait out of Danny Roberts journal

Self Portrait

Got the Mondays?

Good morning, good morning. It’s a nice cold morning to start a busy week. How was your weekend? Well, first off Penter from The Familiar Strangers did an interview with me. It was quiet fun, a lot of great questions. If you want to check it out (Click Here) Also, i started another blog that is connected to this one. it is my Image Diary. There are no words to it. Just hope to post a picture or two a day on it. i thought since igor + andré is an art blog, i didn’t want to dilute it with pictures, so i made a new blog dedicated to documentry photography. Since photography was what i first started in school, i thought i would start getting back into it. :) (Click Here) to check it out. Oh and lastly, the drawing today is a self portrait i did a couple years ago in my journal. i hope you like it! Have a great day today! Hi ho, it’s off to work i go!

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Self Portrait Video

Finally the Video.

Good Morning, Good Morning, i love the Morning. Finally the Video! i promised i would get it to you, and wow, i had to jump through a few hoops to get it done, but i really like how it turned out. The song is by one of my best friends since i was in kindergarten, Mr. Ryan Baxley. He is Brilliant! One of those Musical Genuis’. Yep, yep! That is him singing and playing. Please check his music out by clicking here For those who couldn’t tell what materials i used it was pen, then watered down ink, then colored inks, then Prismacolor pens, colored pencils, then blended them. I really hope you all like the video and i hope it answers some questions. If you haven’t seen the finished Self Portrait from that Video… Click Here to see it.