Fashion Artist and igor and andre founder danny roberts black and white self portrait

Self Portrait

A Self-Portrait for

Hello friends, How is your weekend going? Mine was great! We celebrated my mom’s birthday, and then had a family reunion today. It was amazing seeing everyone. Well for those of you who didn’t see the article. the painting above is the Self Portrait i did for them. I have to say i think it’s my favorite Self Portrait so far. I really hope you like it! :) P.S. Have you all seen Gossip Girl? Someone said they thought they saw my painting in Chuck Bass’s room? I’ve never seen the show and don’t know who Chuck Bass is… but am dying to know if the painting was in there? I think that would be funniest/coolest thing to see if it is in the background. P.S.S. Thank you idiom row for the portrait you painted, you’re amazing!

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