Teen Vogue december January 2011 issue with glee cast members Cory Allan Monteith and Lea Michele on the cover

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I’m In Teen Vogue Pt. 2 :)

Hey morning friends!
So i’m trying to start this new year off right which means i’ve been cleaning & getting organized like there is no tomorrow!
As i was cleaning, i stumbled on my issue of TeenVogue, and realized i never Posted it!
What is wrong with me! hahaa
Seriously been so disorganized lately!
Sorry for that.
But here it is! i had the honor of contributing some prints for TeenVogue’s Room Make Over.
I Love TeenVogue! Seriously everyone over there is the nicest people i have ever met.
And i love the concept of room make overs.
I’m so happy Paola Henriquez, one of the winners, got my prints. They fit perfectly in her room.
I really hope you like them, Paola :)
and thank you Jane for having me be part of this project :)

Danny Roberts art on the walls of Teen Vogue Room Make over with Pc Pennies
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