Karlie Kloss on the cover of teen Vogue may 2010 Photo by patrick demarchelier article by Jan KeltnerDanny Roberts featured in may 2010 Teen Vogue Holding up his painting in his studio

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I’m In Teen Vogue!

OK SO…. Officially My Childhood Dreams have Come True! I’m in Teen Vogue~! So i have to say, out of all the Features i’ve had, i think i’m the most excited about this one! No joke! i remember, back my junior year in high school, thinking “It would be the Coolest thing ever to be Teen Vogue” haha I was thinking that because i had my own clothing company in high school, but it’s so trippy that it actually happened! haha Well thank you so much Teen Vogue, and thank you to you all for being wonderful! I pasted the article text below. :) Oh and it’s the lovely Karlie Kloss on the Cover! woot woot! P.S. I know this is a little random… But i started a tumblr Page Called “Inside My Brain“, Since Igor + André is Art, and The Dream Walking Society is for Inspiration, I thought i would do one that is more of a steady stream of consciousness :) hope you like it “When Danny Roberts started drawing wide-eyed portraits of models back in art school, fashion served as “a doorway into a dream world” for the native Californian. Now 24, he has since walked right through it, embraced by the very insiders he depicts, including Karl Lagerfeld and plucked-from-the-runway beauties. “I look for people who have something I feel I can capture on paper,” Danny explains of his subjects. His next-big-thing status has led to industry friendships and coveted collaborations, like a recent partnership with creative powerhouse Gwen Stefani, who invited Danny to contribute artwork for her Harajuku Lovers line. “Getting that e-mail and discovering Gwen Stefani was reading my blog [Igor & Andr] was pretty bizarre,” admits the artist, who is anything but jaded by all the high-profile attention. “Seeing my bags in Bloomingdale’s was a trip. The day they came out, my whole family went and took pictures!” So how might he react to one day spotting his own fashion label in stores? Danny–who founded a T-shirt company as a teen and studied fashion design in college–hopes to find out. “The work I’m doing now is kind of a roundabout way of getting there. I’ll probably end up starting my own label eventually, but for now I’m keeping a notebook of clothing designs, just for fun.” –E.G. From TeenVogue

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