Artist Danny Roberts Sketch in the W hotel VIP Lounge Backstage in the New york Fashion Week Tents

Fashion Week

W Hotel VIP Lounge Sketch

Hey, friends, how are you? Wow! The last few days have been bleeding into one. I’ve seen so many friends, so many amazing collections, and also met so many amazing people. Don’t worry, detailed accounts are coming! I mean, I have already shot 15 gigs of images and files and still have 2 days left… Haven’t had enough time to sort through all the files! I can’t wait to tell you all about Chictopia 10 (which was amazing), the IFB Conference, Charlotte Ronson, Tony Cohen, Chris Benz! Oh, so much to tell you about. My brother & I spent alot of time hanging out with Mattias (Bloglovin Founder), Carolina (Fashionsquad), and Camille (Childhood Flames), also my friends Ryan & Alice. But today we decided to take it down a notch and have a laid back day of no shows, just hanging out and getting work done. So the W Hotel was nice enough to invite us over to hang in the VIP lounge which is backstage in the tents in Bryant Park. Which was amazing cause i’ve been dying going without drawing for this many days! So i sketched this picture today! And painted the hair with my coffee… haha Oh, and to my amazement, when my brother and i where about to leave, guess who walked in??? [intlink id=”606″ type=”post”]Alexa Chung[/intlink]!!! I know, right!? So my brother talked me in to introducing myself… which i usually never do…(cause I’m pretty shy) but somehow i mustered up enough courage to say hello. And I’m so glad I did, she is truly an amazing person! So sweet and wonderful! She was so nice :) It basically made my year … It was incredible… I will keep you posted on the rest of my time here! Hope you’re having a wonderful day. p.s. Alexa Chung, if you read this, thank you so much for being so kind! It really means a lot! :)

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