Masha Kirsanova in igor and andre video of New York Fashion Week Fall 2010 at chris benz show
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New York Fashion Week Fall 2010 – Part 1

Hey Friends, How was your weekend? Mine was great! I went out of town to watch kids I used to coach compete in the state championships! It was so good seeing them do so well. :) Well, I got home yesterday and my best friend since i was in 4th grade sent me this Ben Harper song called “Power of the Gospel”. This song was one of our favorite songs ever since we heard it on an old skate video. But this time around listening to it, all of a sudden something clicked, and i just thought “WoW! This song would be perfect for some of my NY Fashion Week footage.” So I popped this Video out last night… Late last night…. haha There is something about this video that just feels like a perfect representation of our trip. I know it’s super short, just a minute video, but I’m sure there are more videos coming as soon as i have time… that’s why I put “Part 1” on there ;) I really hope you like it, and hope you’re having a wonderful day. P.s. The Fashion Show clips were ones I shot at Chris Benz & Tony Cohen Shows. :)

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