Danny Roberts Painting of Fashion blogger Louise Ebel of the site Pandora for Chictopia 10 Social media Conference tote bags


NYC & The Chictopia 10 Conference

Hello From New York. My brother and i are currently getting settled in at the Bryant Park Hotel. I love this place, it’s a pretty wonderful place. But on a bad note… The airlines misplaced both of our bags… hahh i know, quite a week, First, we had our flight canceled cause of weather, and now they lose our bags… i sure hope they arrive, cause not sure what i’m going to do… going to Charlotte Ronson’s Show tonight… haha i hope my bags arrive.

On a different note, tomorrow i’m speaking on a panel at the Chictopia10 Social Influence Summit. I’m excited and a little nervous.. Never really done anything like this before… but it should be fun. There will be a lot of my fellow blogging buddies there. The painting above is one i did for the Chictopia10 Social Influence Summit. They made tote bags of them and will be handing them out for free at it. :) The painting is of my lovely friend Louise Ebel of the blog Pandora. She is one of my favorite bloggers so i thought she would be perfect for it! I hope you like it. If you want one Chictopia will be selling them on their site.

Thank you all for the kind comments on the McQueen Tribute Painting.
I’m hoping to leave a copy of it at the McQueen store tomorrow.

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