Artist Danny Roberts Painted Tribute of the Great and innovative Fashion Designer Alexander McQueen who was born 7 March 1969 and died 11 February 2010


Alexander McQueen Tribute

Well, my friends, today is one of the saddest days in Fashion. It was like getting a punch in the stomach when i rolled out of bed this morning, and read that Alexander McQueen was dead. It still hasn’t fully sunk in. i think i’m hoping against hope that it was a false report, but deep down, i know it’s not… He was by far my favorite designer and one of my biggest sources for inspiration. I don’t think there was a collection that he has done that my mind wasn’t completely blown… I did a tribute painting of him. I just wanted to express my appreciation to a true genius, and pay honor to him with this piece. R.I.P Alexander McQueen.

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