Danny Roberts Painting of a couple Kissing wearing bright colorful masks in a photo

Series on Love

Some Times Love Hides Behind a Mask

Hi Friends, how are you??? Wow! I’ve been painting night & day lately. I finished up a few painting today… Ok so, since we are now in February… I declare this “The Month of Love!!!” So that is the theme for my posts over the next month! You’re going to have to cut me a little slack on the theme though, I’m going to draw “Love” and things that make me think of “Love”. I saw this picture a little while back, it just felt like it need to be painted. My goal was to make the paining feel stuck in a moment after the kiss, frozen there forever… haha I don’t know, I hope it works… hah Thank you all for being so amazing! It’s a blessing reading all your comments. I’m going to try to go about and comment back to yawl. I’ve just been so so so swamped with deadlines, I hope you understand! p.s. Who is going to the Chictopia 10 conference?! See you there :)

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