Artist Danny Roberts Sketch of DNA Model Ali Michael & hardy in Teen Vogue March 2007 Editorial called Made in Japan Photographed by Nick Haymes

Series on Love

You & Me Forevermore – Love Series

Teen Vogue. Seriously Ali Michael + TeenVogue is an amazing combo, and Ali has one of my favorite profiles. I have to say i think this is my new favorite drawing. Something about it that just has the perfect “love” vibe to it. Right when i was finishing up drawing “C’est la vie C’est la mort” by The Civil Wars came on my speakers and i just felt it captured the picture so much i thought i would post the song too.

Teen Vogue. Seriously Ali Michael + TeenVogue is an amazing combo, and Ali has one of my favorite profiles. I have to say i think this is my new favorite drawing. Something about it that just has the perfect "love" vibe to it. Right when i was finishing up drawing "C'est la vie C'est la mort" by The Civil Wars came on my speakers and i just felt it captured the picture so much i thought i would post the song too.

the silhouette of A guy and girl kissing it's a light painting by igor and andre artist danny roberts from his Series on love

Series on Love

The Night We Ran Away

Happy Thursday! How’s your day going? Is this week moving incredibly fast for you? My week is moving crazily fast! Well, today’s post was my first basic attempt with painting with light… i know it’s just a simple silhouette… but this was just a base concept for a few idea’s i had with using light to paint! Just wait! Hopefully, i will have some examples soon. But i really like how this one turned out. I love the mood… It makes me think of a couple in Love, running off to elope together in the middle of the night. Oh, this is the 11th painting from my “Series on Love” i hope you like it! :)

Danny Roberts Painting of a couple Kissing wearing bright colorful masks in a photo

Series on Love

Some Times Love Hides Behind a Mask

Hi Friends, how are you??? Wow! I’ve been painting night & day lately. I finished up a few painting today… Ok so, since we are now in February… I declare this “The Month of Love!!!” So that is the theme for my posts over the next month! You’re going to have to cut me a little slack on the theme though, I’m going to draw “Love” and things that make me think of “Love”. I saw this picture a little while back, it just felt like it need to be painted. My goal was to make the paining feel stuck in a moment after the kiss, frozen there forever… haha I don’t know, I hope it works… hah Thank you all for being so amazing! It’s a blessing reading all your comments. I’m going to try to go about and comment back to yawl. I’ve just been so so so swamped with deadlines, I hope you understand! p.s. Who is going to the Chictopia 10 conference?! See you there :)

A light Sketch of a Girl kneeling doodling a sketch on the ground with the phrase The rain is falling it looks like love on it, drawing by Artist Danny Roberts

Series on Love

Doodling & Day Dreaming

OOOOOH MY! GOOD MORNING! Don’t be fooled by the caps, i’m not in any way a morning person… but today i’m sipping coffee, it’s kinda cool outside, so i’m feeling pretty gooood! So, i was working on a drawing last night, and my brother thought i should post the sketch. i really like how her face turned out. i think i’m going to follow through with a pollished version, but then again, i really like how the sketch turned out. …oh, and if you are wondering about the text written on the sketch, they were song lyrics of the song i was listening to when i drew the picture, and it just seemed fitting some how, hahah. Oh, and we have a new member to The Dream Walking Society the Lovely Miss Geri Hirsch is going to start contributing to the site. I’m really happy with the site so far; the goal was to have a site inspired by dreams, but then also to inspire dreams. And i’m happy to say IT’S WORKING! Well, at least for me that is… haha! Ever since we started it 3 days ago i have been having super vibrant and long dreams. I hope the site does the same for you. *Note: “The rain is falling it looks like love” is from the song Look Up by Stars : )

Artist danny roberts Painting of a Dreamy girl with Brown hair and eyes laying down, from his Series on Love

Series on Love

The Dream Walking Society

Well, hello my friends. How’s your day going? Is it hot where you are? cause it sure is here…. not really liking it! haha Well, on a positive note, just finished another painting in my “Series on Love“. I’m having way too much fun on this series! Thank you, thank you, to everyone who has been sending me inspiration for the series! It’s really helping me :) Oh, also yesterday, i started a site with my friend Stacy called “The Dream Walking Society“. The site is full of dreamlike images and videos and music, etc. The name came about cause I’ve always wanted to figure out a way to travel in my dreams into my friend’s dreams… haha i know that sounds silly, but it’s true. So that’s how the Dream Walking Society came about. Click here if you want to check it out! Let me know what you think ;)

Danny roberts Paint of beautiful girl back

Series on Love

Dreaming up a Series

Hello hello my friends, how is your day going? My day’s been super laid back, been hanging with my family, we watched Pinocchio (which is the most genius movie made!!!!!), and spent the day chatting & discovering new inspiration images with my friend Stacy. (She’s an amazing singer song writer click here to check out her band). We found some great images, but when i came across this one image from Federica Simoni Flickr Page i just knew it would translate into a great drawing, plus i’ve been wanting to start a new drawing series called “Love” so this is my second painting in the series. i hope you like it! :) p.s. My brother showed me that there is a fan site of my work on Facebook, and i just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you so much. Yawl are amazing for starting it. If anyone wants to check it out click here P.s. If you have any images or if you stumble onto any images you think would be good inspiration for my Series on love, I would love to see them! :)

Danny Roberts painting of a guy and girl hugging in love

Series on Love

The Two Lovers

Well, i just finished this painting so i thought i would post it tonight.
So yea! Two posts for ya today.
Today, my friend Stacy was helping me search the internet to find some new models for drawing. haa
It was a lot of fun with a lot of new discoveries,
but as we were searching, i stumbled on to this picture.
They Picture was inspired by a photo Chris Craymer took.
I knew i needed to draw it.
I mean, it was a must.
I don’t know, it just had something that i knew/ wanted to capture.
i really hope you like it.
Just finished it and it’s instantly one of my favorites now. :)

Danny Roberts Painting of the Lovers

Series on Love

The Boy and The Girl

Hello friends! Thanks for the all the great Audrey Hepburn movie suggestions! I think i’m going to sit down and watch every one of them. :) i’m serious, i was so inspired after My Fair Lady all i wanted to do was paint and think and then paint some more. Today was great; finished up a few mini projects, also got a valentine order today, so was getting a Valentine ready to ship out, which was quiet fun. Oh, also, i did this painting tonight. i hope you like it. i don’t know, there is something about it that makes me smile. Oh!! Lastly, i finally mixed the song i wrote with my good friend Christie Dupree! I wrote the music and she wrote the lyrics and sang it. i’ve been writing a fairytale story in my head for years, and the characters are based on people in my own life. Christie’s character’s name is Camille Queen of the Trees, so that’s what the song is about. Hope you like it! i’m off to dream land! Night. EDIT: Christie just Joined the Blogging Community!!!!!! go check out her blog!