A light Sketch of a Girl kneeling doodling a sketch on the ground with the phrase The rain is falling it looks like love on it, drawing by Artist Danny Roberts

Series on Love

Doodling & Day Dreaming

OOOOOH MY! GOOD MORNING! Don’t be fooled by the caps, i’m not in any way a morning person… but today i’m sipping coffee, it’s kinda cool outside, so i’m feeling pretty gooood! So, i was working on a drawing last night, and my brother thought i should post the sketch. i really like how her face turned out. i think i’m going to follow through with a pollished version, but then again, i really like how the sketch turned out. …oh, and if you are wondering about the text written on the sketch, they were song lyrics of the song i was listening to when i drew the picture, and it just seemed fitting some how, hahah. Oh, and we have a new member to The Dream Walking Society the Lovely Miss Geri Hirsch is going to start contributing to the site. I’m really happy with the site so far; the goal was to have a site inspired by dreams, but then also to inspire dreams. And i’m happy to say IT’S WORKING! Well, at least for me that is… haha! Ever since we started it 3 days ago i have been having super vibrant and long dreams. I hope the site does the same for you. *Note: “The rain is falling it looks like love” is from the song Look Up by Stars : )

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  1. stars lyrics, right? that is one of my favorite bands/ songs! they definitely have very dreamy music…

    i like this girl's little button nose..does she have a name? seems like an abigail to me :)

    July 15, 2009 at 6:49 pm
  2. The sketch is so so lovely.
    Do you take private work on?
    I am getting married and wld love to give my bridesmaids some sketches of themselves….


    August 10, 2009 at 3:02 pm