Danny Roberts Painting of Harpers Bazaar Magazine Cover With MTV Host Alexa Chung

Magazine Cover

Alexa Chung Harpers Bazaar

Hello, hello Friends, So, this weekend, I had a great discovery on youtube… “ALEXA CHUNG”!!! Haha yep! Where have I been! I stumbled on to her interview with Harry Potter, and i was laughing so hard! There aren’t many talk shows that i watch or really like all that much. Her show is amazing. So I did this painting; I Thought it would be a perfect for my Pop Culture Series, Plus she looks amazing on the Magazine Cover. I hope you like it! Whenever i do a painting of a person, i like to give it to them as a thank you. I feel like they are part owner of the picture, because the painting couldn’t exist without the person. With that said, I was wondering if you all could help me get the painting to her? I was wondering if you can help me tweet her this painting, Maybe if we can send her enough messages she might see it. :) Her twitter account name is “alexa_chung” and if you read this, Alexa, please email me and i will send you the painting :) Thank you, my friends. i hope you all are having a wonderful day! Update: Alexa twitted me! She is wonderfully amazing! thank you all :)

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