A Painting Natalia Vodianova with hair over her eye the drawing is by Artist Danny Roberts of igor and andre


Blinded by the Glow – Natalia Vodianova

Hey Friends,
Well been working night and day trying to finish a side project. To be in the right mood for the project, I have been listening to different composers and symphonies. After two days of that, tonight I decided I needed a big change of pace. So needless to say, I have Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night” stuck in my head now. Oh well. Haha I had started this painting a few weeks ago but i actually think the party feel of “Last Friday Night” really came through in the brighter colors of the painting. Haha! The painting seriously didn’t come together until the last minute, and I’m not sure what it is about this one, but I think I like it. I love painting Natalia Vodianova. She is really amazing. Well, i hope you’re having a great night. :) P.S. I’m finally on Instagram! My name on there is “dannyroberts” :)

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