Danny Roberts Fashion painting of the Erin Fetherston collection

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Hello Miss Fetherston

Hey hey hey!~ How are yawl doing on this fine Thursday? Well, 3 days, still no word yet from Alexa Chung… but don’t worry, i will let you know if i do! On the flip side, sometimes you never hear back… like Taylor Swift, which i eventually got the painting to her people… but never heard if she liked them or not. ;( Anyway, today was another day of non stop drawing! Finished two drawings and starting on my third in a few minutes. The post today is a painting of Erin Fetherston’s Collection that i did for Sundance Chanel‘s Full Fontal Fashion. I first saw this collection looped on a tv at Erin Fetherston’s after party. I was invited to the after party by Bianca from Modelinia and met up with Rumi (Fashiontoast) and her boyfriend Colin, and Krystal Simpson. Also, Rumi introduced me to the Facehunter that night. All and all, it was a wonderful night! And thank you, Rumi and Colin, for those cookies! mmmmm :)

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