This is Painting of Donna Karan spring 2010 Collection by Danny Roberts

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The Day of Donna Karan

This is Painting of Donna Karan Fall 2009 Collection by Danny Roberts

Well, hello friends. How’s your day going? The weather out here in California is incredible today! I’m loving it. Spent the whole morning drawing, and about to start up a new painting in a sec… but i remembered i had never posted about The Donna Karan Show at NY Fashion Week. I went with my brother and the beautiful and amazing Miss Gala Gonzalez. Oh, and the drawing above is one of the drawings i did for Sundance Chanel‘s Full Fontal Fashion of Donna Karan’s Collection. I hope you like it!

The Day of Donna Karan

Sept 14, 2009

It was probably the three weeks of working night and day without a day off, or maybe it was the the time change, or it was both, but either way, exhaustion had finally crept up on me. The day began as one of the most hectic days yet. My brother and I got up a little late, to a text message from Rumi (Fashiontoast). She said that she just found out that her flight went out earlier than she thought, and that she and Colin wouldn't be able to make it to the Donna Karan show, which was a bummer because Rumi and Colin are incredibly fun to hang out with. All week, I was trying to coordinate schedules with the lovely Miss Gala Gonzalez (, and then it hit me. I thought, "What if Gala went to Donna Karan with us?!" So after a few calls and texts, Gala was in. Dave and I hopped into a cab and headed down to Greenwich Village. We arrived minutes before the time we were suppose to be there. After a little time had gone by, I got a text from Gala saying she had arrived. Dave and I made our way through the craziness, and we finally meet Gala in person. I have to say, meeting Gala was a trip highlight, for sure. She is amazing, and her accent is awesome, one of the most unique accents I've heard. After greeting each other, we ascended up to the showroom and were ushered into our seats, where seconds later, to our amazement, Milla Jovovich was seated directly in front of us. Donna Karan's Trademark "zen" vibe filled the place. The whole room hushed as the music began. As the first model stepped into sight, I was again reminded why Donna Karan is a Fashion Icon. The Collection had a soft and beautiful color pallet, full of gray, creme, and white with a striking red that made the collection pop. Whether you are looking for long, amazing, flowing gowns or incredible pencil skirts, this line has it all, with silhouettes that celebrate the female form and drape that flows like running water. Basically, I was honored to attend such a wonderful show, and the clothes were breathtaking! :) After leaving the show and saying goodbye to Gala and her amazing friends, my brother and I headed off to the Conde Nast building to meet up with the wonderful Naomi Nevitt of Teen Vogue. She was kind enough to give us a tour of Teen Vogue, which was incredible, and we ended up sitting and talking with her for quite awhile. It was amazing getting to know her as she is a wonderful and incredibly kind. Upon arriving back at our hotel, exhaustion fully took over. I lay down to rest for a moment, and the next thing I knew, it was 15 hours later! hah Click Here to see Fashion Week Video with has some of the Donna Karan Show.

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