Artist Danny Roberts Experimental Sketch painting of a girl looking over her shoulder


The Green Gaze

Hi Friends! How’s your week going? My week is insane! haha Well, i guess my next two weeks; The Pre-Fashion Week Buzz is definitely keeping me busy. So many deadlines over the next few… I haven’t got a chance to look through the Couture Shows yet! ah! i really want to! But please forgive me if my posting is a little scattered over the next few weeks! i’m trying to get some pieces up. Which brings me to today’s piece. It was a little experimental painting i did. I really like how it turned out. It’s a lot different, style wise, to my other pieces. I like the mood of it… Well… my good friend has a birthday party tonight, so i must be off! I hope you’re doing great! :) P.S. If you could send all Fashion Show Invites to [email protected] that would help me alot! Thanks so much :)

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