A Painting by igor and andre fashion artist Danny Roberts of Elite management model Masha Kirsanova


Masha Kirsanova at Chris Benz

Well my friends, how did your day go for you? I had a good day. Spent the morning writing music, and then i worked on researching, printing, gluing, and making a new inspiration book/ idea book. It’s going really well! Finished about thirty pages in the book. The Painting today is of a wonderful model named Masha Kirsanova. She has a wonderful look. I had the honor of getting to go backstage at Chris Benz‘s show, Which allowed me to take tons of pictures, which i’ve posted a few ;) But the reason it was so great to go backstage, is i finally got to make my own drawing references! Woot woot!!! Finally huh?! So this is my second painting of my pictures! The first one was the previous post I really hope you like it! :)

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