Fashion Artist Danny Roberts Tribute painting of the late Design lee alexander Mqueen on the cover of the sunday times Magazine london May 23 2010Photo of Artist Danny Roberts on the inside cover of the Sunday Times Magazine London, it says Danny roberts did the front-cover pinting of the late lee alexander Mqueen. every season, he created something magical that inspired me more than anything else ever could he was a genuis

Magazine Cover

Alexander McQueen is Sunday Times Cover!

So my Friends… I’m pleased to announce the most amazing thing ever… My Tribute painting of Lee Alexander Mcqueen is on the cover of The Sunday Times Magazine -London! Seriously, my mind has been blown for the last 2 weeks when I found out that my tribute painting was going to be on the cover… I mean, I think this is the most humbling honor ever. McQueen has been by far my favorite designer since I first started studying Fashion Design. He was the source of inspiration for countless paintings and Art pieces. Never in my wildest imagination, when I first discovered McQueen, could I ever have dreamt that my little tribute to him would end up on the cover of the The Sunday Times in his home town. I seriously don’t know what to say…. I’m so glad to be able to share it with you. I hope you’re having a wonderful Sunday.

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