Artist Danny Roberts Portrait of Katiusha Feofanova

Magazine Cover

Katiusha Feofanova Vogue

I’ve been following Russian model Katiusha Feofanova’s career for a lot of years. I first drew her back in 2011. So when I saw she was on a Vogue cover I was really excited to draw it. I drew the cover using pencil, color pencil, watercolor and pen on Arches Watercolor Paper. If you’re one of my Patrons, I just posted a time-lapse video of the drawing. Also, This drawing was part of my monthly original art giveaway on Patreon as well. If you want to win prizes like this click here and become a patron. :)

Visual Artist & Fashion Painter Danny Roberts Reinterpreted Vogue Taiwan Magazine Cover of Japanese Model Actress Rila Fukushima

Magazine Cover

Rila Fukushima Vogue Taiwan

Rila Fukushima is a Model/Actress I’ve been meaning to paint for awhile, so yesterday, I started on this piece. I was planning on just doing a basic freehand sketch, but as I finished the outline I decided to experiment with different layering techniques. I ended up using pen, ink, acrylic, and cut-out and layered different types of paper. I really like how it turned out. I had forgotten how much I loved to sketch with a pen.

This painting is inspired by Vogue Taiwan’s cover of Rila photo by Leslie Kee.

Artist Danny Roberts Reinterpreted June 1950 Vogue cover of Jean Patchett by Irving Penn

Magazine Cover

Irving Penn Vogue 1950

Good Morning. A few months ago, I was asked by the person who runs @shitamodelsays if I would reinterpret one of my favorite Irving Penn Vogue covers. The cover is from Vogue June 1950 featuring the lovely Jean Patchett. So last week I decided to freehand my own rendition of the cover. I busted out some handmade paper I was saving for a special occasion. I really love how it turned out. Has such a classic look and feel. I think it’s my favorite reinterpreted covers. I hope your like it.

Artist Danny Roberts reinterpreted Magazine Cover of phoebe tonkins on miss vogue Australia 12th June 2013

Magazine Cover

Phoebe Tonkins Miss Vogue

I’m so happy to finally be posting on Igor + André’s new home. For my First Post, it seemed only right to post my reinterpretation of my friend Phoebe Tonkins on the cover of Miss Vogue Australia. I started this piece a few months ago, but it got interrupted by several photo shoot trips to New York. Now that I’m back, I had time to finally finish the piece. I really like how it turned out. I ended up liking the painting inverse as much as the positive, so I decided to post both. I hope you like the piece and enjoy the new site. For more info on what mediums and materials i used on the piece look below in the “Explore” Section ;)

Vogue Cover Production notes:
Photographer: Todd Barry, Styling: Rebecca Caratti, Hair: Michele McQuillan, Make-up: Amanda Reardon, Manicure: Donna Maree

Artist danny Roberts interpretation of Heather Marks Vogue Nippon

Magazine Cover

Heather Marks Vogue Nippon January 2004

(Inspired by Vogue Nippon January 2004 Cover. Photographer: Jesse Shadoan, Model: Heather Marks)

Hey friends, How was your weekend? David and i had a good one. Saturday, we had the pleasure of having dinner with Friends Chiara Ferragni & Shea Cheyenne & all their friends who are part of their road trip coast to coast across America. It was really fun seeing them.

So do you remember about a month back i told you my hard drive containing all my drawings crashed. Well, i sent it off to data recovery and just got it back, so i have been searching night and day through the hard drive to try and find some of my favorite drawings. I’m happy to say i’ve been able to recover almost all of my old drawings. The only bad thing is there are about 40-50 drawings that are unrecoverable, so i’m going to have to spend the next few weeks going through stacks of drawing and re-scaning the missing artwork files. I will keep you posted on that. The good news is going through all my files caused me to rediscover some drawings i did 3-4 years ago that i forgot about. The Post today is an illustration i did of model Heather Marks on the cover of Vogue Nippon. I like the cool blue mood of it. I think I did it with micro and prisma color pens on bristol paper.

Artist Danny roberts reinterpreted illustration of Gemma Ward on the March 2006 Vogue China

Magazine Cover

Gemma Ward Vogue China March 2006

(Gemma Ward inspired Vogue China March 2006 )

Well it being a nice laid back Sunday, we decided tonight would be a good night to watch some of our favorite old movies, so we pulled out our humphrey bogart Collection and are currently watching “The Maltese Falcon”. It’s such a fantastic movie. But anyways, the drawing today i actually did six years ago. I drew it mostly blind contour for the outline. The whole thing was done with black Micro Pen. It is drawing #46 out of my character sketchbook series. It’s really hard to believe that it has been that many years since i drew it. Feels like yesterday. I hope you like it :)

Book Question of the Day: If you had a pet Wolf, what would you name her?

Artist Danny Roberts painting on the cover Modern Luxury orange county Riviera Magazine

Magazine Cover

My Riviera Magazine Cover

Hey Friends, how was your weekend? Ours was great. We decorated for Christmas with friends today. I still can’t believe Christmas is only a week away.I thought i would post the cover i did for Orange County based Riviera Magazine. It was fun to do something with a magazine in my home town. Also, tomorrow my issue of What’s Contemporary comes out! I’m really, really, really, really excited for you all to see it. It’s a lot different than my usual, and it’s a really personal magazine issue.  So, can’t wait to share that with you tomorrow. I hope you are doing great.

P.S. I’m thinking of doing the Live Painting this Thursday at 12:30 pm pst. Let me know what you think? :)

Sarah Jaffe Eliza Magazine Cover Danny Roberts June 2011

Magazine Cover

Sarah Jaffe for ELIZA Magazine

Hi, friends! I’m happy to share a painting with you that I did of my friend Sarah Jaffe, based on a photo by my friend Chris Phelps for ELIZA Magazine run by my friend Summer. Yay, friends! Its so fun to get to do a good collaboration, especially with friends. It’s been so rad to see Sarah get some momentum and great reviews! One of her songs was featured recently on! Sarah’s album Suburban Nature is available on iTunes, if you want to check it out : )

Concept Painting by Fashion Artist Danny Roberts for a Cover of Oxygen Magazine" title="Concept Painting by Fashion Artist Danny Roberts for a Cover of Oxygen Magazine

Magazine Cover

Oxygen Cover Concept

Hi, friends! Wow! Have been so busy! Been working on the story like crazy! Also, I got see my friend Sarah Jaffe play right by my house on Sunday! She sounded so good! Cleaning up my room right now cause I my Friends Tim and Dee and there son Odin are coming into to town. I’m so excited to hang out with them this week : ) The painting today is my first magazine cover idea for Oxygen magazine from a while ago. We ended up using a brighter image for cover, but I thought this was a trippy drawing. I hope you are having a great week! : )

Fashion Artist Danny Roberts Tribute painting of the late Design lee alexander Mqueen on the cover of the sunday times Magazine london May 23 2010Photo of Artist Danny Roberts on the inside cover of the Sunday Times Magazine London, it says Danny roberts did the front-cover pinting of the late lee alexander Mqueen. every season, he created something magical that inspired me more than anything else ever could he was a genuis

Magazine Cover

Alexander McQueen is Sunday Times Cover!

So my Friends… I’m pleased to announce the most amazing thing ever… My Tribute painting of Lee Alexander Mcqueen is on the cover of The Sunday Times Magazine -London! Seriously, my mind has been blown for the last 2 weeks when I found out that my tribute painting was going to be on the cover… I mean, I think this is the most humbling honor ever. McQueen has been by far my favorite designer since I first started studying Fashion Design. He was the source of inspiration for countless paintings and Art pieces. Never in my wildest imagination, when I first discovered McQueen, could I ever have dreamt that my little tribute to him would end up on the cover of the The Sunday Times in his home town. I seriously don’t know what to say…. I’m so glad to be able to share it with you. I hope you’re having a wonderful Sunday.