Danny Roberts Painting of Harpers Bazaar Magazine Cover With MTV Host Alexa Chung

Magazine Cover

Alexa Chung Harpers Bazaar

Hello, hello Friends, So, this weekend, I had a great discovery on youtube… “ALEXA CHUNG”!!! Haha yep! Where have I been! I stumbled on to her interview with Harry Potter, and i was laughing so hard! There aren’t many talk shows that i watch or really like all that much. Her show is amazing. So I did this painting; I Thought it would be a perfect for my Pop Culture Series, Plus she looks amazing on the Magazine Cover. I hope you like it! Whenever i do a painting of a person, i like to give it to them as a thank you. I feel like they are part owner of the picture, because the painting couldn’t exist without the person. With that said, I was wondering if you all could help me get the painting to her? I was wondering if you can help me tweet her this painting, Maybe if we can send her enough messages she might see it. :) Her twitter account name is “alexa_chung” and if you read this, Alexa, please email me and i will send you the painting :) Thank you, my friends. i hope you all are having a wonderful day! Update: Alexa twitted me! She is wonderfully amazing! thank you all :)

Tavi Gevinson on the Cover of Pop Magazine Drawn by Danny Roberts

Magazine Cover

Miss Tavi on Pop

Hello, my Friends, How are you doing? You having a good weekend? Mine has been great! i love the weekends, they are so wonderful! I’m really excited about this week. My really good friend Mr. Ryan Baxley & I are going to meet up later this week, and start planning out The Dream Walking Society album. The Dream Walking Society is a collaboration music Group Ryan & I started like 4 years ago. As time went by, i think i have like 200 song starts on my computer, so we decided to finally finish an album. So i’m pretty excited. The drawing today is of Miss Tavi on the cover of Pop Magazine! How awesome is it that she was on the cover! But since I love drawing covers, I thought this was a perfect cover to draw. i hope you like it :) Also, check out Tavi’s Blog Here … Now, i think I’m going to challenge my brother to a round of Mario Cart!

Danny Roberts Reinterpreted vogue Russia cover of trump model Polina Kouklina

Magazine Cover Models

Polina Kouklina Vogue Cover

Wow! Ok, so this was one long weekend. I ended up being sick all weekend. It’s kinda a curse i have… Whenever i decide to take a few days off from working to rest, i get sick. So pretty much, i’m always nervous about taking days off cause i get sick! haah Well, i decided to finish up the painting i started on my trip to NYC. You know, the one from the video? Well, the painting is of the amazing Polina Kouklina on the cover of Vogue. I have to say, Polina is one of my favorite models. She is incredible looking, such a fresh look. I hope you like it! :) Hope you’re having an amazing day! :) Also, if you want to see my other reinterpreted Vogue covers Click Here

Danny Roberts Painting of Model Lydia Hearst on the Cover of Vogue

Magazine Cover

Lydia Hearst on the Cover of Vogue

Hey Friends, how are you all doing? How was your weekend? This week is going to be busy; i’m getting ready for an art show in a few weeks. I’m pretty excited for it. Today, i ended up painting this amazing Vogue cover of model Lydia Hearst. I really like how it turned out. The whole mood and tone was exactly what i was picturing. i hope you like it! ;) p.s. Looks like i’m going to NY Fashion Week with my brother David who contributes to The Dream Walking Society. So far, looks like i will be going to Donna Karan and Marc Jacobs shows, so be expecting some fashion week drawings!

This is a collection Danny Roberts Painted illustrated Fashion vogue magazine covers

Magazine Cover

I Love Covers

WOW! Don’t remember the last time i was this tired. Sorry for the day delay on posts… been exhausted & working non stop! Well, i thought it would be fun to do a post of all my different drawings of covers. Some were real covers, some i made up, but i wanted to just post all of them! haha i hope your like it!
P.S. i also posted some pictures my friend and i did a few days ago. i technic-colored all the pictures.

Danny Roberts Drawing of Sofia Coppola on the cover of Vogue Paris

Magazine Cover

Sofia Coppola & French Vogue

What happens when Sofia Coppola and French Vogue come together? Magic! Just got finished with this drawing… Wow, today was really long, wasn’t sure if i was going to get to draw today, but at 9 o’clock tonight, i saw this picture and decided i had to draw it right that instant. It’s just was too beautiful. Plus, as most of you know, it’s my life goal to illustrate a Cover of Vogue. So, i just keep praticing it! haha i love everything about it, so Voila! painted it for yawl. I really like how it turned out. I hope you like it. :) EDIT: Thank You Noami & Teen Vogue for the Post you are wonderful! :) Also, for all you who Ordered Prints I shipped out everything yesterday, so they’re on the way. Thanks again :)

This Drawing is Danny Roberts illustration of a 1962 Vogue Cover of Jean Shrimpton eye.

Magazine Cover

Vogue 1962

Hey friends, here it is. This is the 1962 Vogue Cover i drew while on the plane over here. What do you think? Is it Audrey Hepburn? My gut tells me it is, but not sure. How have you all been? It’s been fun out here. Just was walking on the beach over to Pipeline today and it began to rain on us. It’s incredible out here. Don’t think i could live out here cause i don’t think i would get any work done. haha Well, i hope you all are doing good and hope you like the cover. i can’t wait to scan it when i get home. This is just a snap shot of it. :)

Danny Roberts First Version of his First Magazine Cover for Oxygen Magazine

Magazine Cover

The First Oxygen Cover

Wow, long day but i’m home and about to go to bed which is good! Dreamland is one of my favorite places! hah So it’s crazy, the great Refinery29 and Modelinia featured me on their sites today! Thank you to Mo and everyone for showing me that. Also thank you Refinery29 and Modelinia! :) I’m really glad you all liked the experiment! I actually started a new one trying the same process…. we shall see how it turns out tomorrow! i got a few requests to add it in my Etsy store so i ended up posting it in two sizes: 13″ X 19″ (33cm X 48cm) & 8″ X 11″ (20cm X 28cm) just click the sizes if you want to check them out. The pick today is my first magazine cover idea for oxygen magazine, but then we ended up going with a little brighter cover. but i thought this was kind a trippy drawing. i hope you like it! :)

This is Danny Roberts First Magazine Cover for oxygen magazine

Magazine Cover

First Magazine Cover!

My oh my, hello friends! How is your day going? Mine was great! Besides the fact that i’m home sick, I saw “My Fair Lady” for the first time today. Yet again, i fell in love with Audrey Hepburn… Seriously, what the !?! She was incredible in that movie! It’s left me sitting here thinking over that movie, replaying the scenes…. So Good! Also, I just got back the Cover i did for Oxygen Magazine! i’m excited to finally show you all it! It’s kinda uncanny how my drawing’s neckline is so similar to this picture of Audrey. haha So fun. Yes, thanks again for all the love on the Valentine post. I ended up setting up one of those Etsy Account… Finally, i have a few originals up for sale. Also, i put up some other prints. Also, i plan on getting some lower price range prints up, just been trying to figure out how to do it, but don’t worry, hopefully it will be up soon.

A photo of audrey hepburn in my fair lady
This is Artist Danny Roberts Cover Version for London Based Dazed and Confused Magazine Cover Version Contest

Feature Press Magazine Cover

A Little Dazed & Confused

Well, well, well, the day starts and we are already off working. For the last two years i haven’t really bought any clothes, (which is kinda funny being a fashion artist. hah) cause i’ve been investing constantly in things of a business nature, (Art supplies, Prints, Cameras, etc.) I think i still have one more major purchase, but alas i find my clothes starting to dissolve. hah. Quite the Dilemma, huh? Well anyways, the post today is the Cover i did for the Dazed and Confused Cover Versions Contest. The contest ends today. In the past, i’ve been super anxious for competitions, hoping, wishing, and praying i win. But always, to no avail… there are so many Factors in Art Competitions that i think i will just chill, haha. Plus, i don’t really meet the requirements; i’m not under 18, but i’m hoping they’re going to forgive me being 5 years older. hahah Well, i hope you like it. Wow, I’m ramblingUpdate: My cover got selected and published in Daze and Confused cover issue.