Danny Roberts Portrait of Swedish Style blogger carolina engman Fashion Squad on a Tanktop, two long necked models wearing matching black hats printed, Agathe Bjørnsdatter Molvik of styleBytes, Geri Hirsch of the la Blog Because i'm addicted on a tank top,  Louis Ebel of the Blog Miss Pandora on white t shirt for Forever21 Collaboration


My Line with Forever21 is out Today! :)

(Images Via Forever 21 & The Skinny)Hey Friends, how are you doing today?How was your weekend?And for you who live in the U.S. how was your extended weekend? Haha mine was pretty long…But I am really happy to say my Collaboration Line with Forever 21 is in stores today.I still haven’t seen them in real life, but I can’t wait to!It’s funny how life kinda comes back around on you, huh?I mean when I was 13 I started a little tee shirt company,and I sold them to my friends and kids at school.I never really thought I would kind of be doing that again.But now sitting here and looking at all the shirts & tanks together,I’m fully having flashbacks! haah :)As for the art work, 5 of the shirts are from my Blogger Portrait Series,which I started almost 2 years ago…(wow can’t believe it was that long ago.. hah)It’s been fun to share the opportunity with my friends, Carolina Engman (FashionSquad), Geri Hirsch (Because I’m Addicted), Agathe Molvik (Style Bytes), Alice (AlicePoint), and Louise Ebel (Miss Pandora).I think one of the most amazing things about the internet is that people from all over the world can collaborate, and inspire each other daily… so amazing!Well, I really hope you like the Collection!You can Check it out Here at Forerver21 :)P.S. On a side note I know back when I posted my portrait of Agathe she was finished with blogging,and I couldn’t get a hold of her. Since then i have talked with her and she is doing great. She is an amazing person ;)P.S.S. Thank you so much WWD for the Article :)

Alicepoint wearing her Tee from Forever21 collaboration with Danny RobertsGeri Hirsch of the la Blog Because i'm addicted  in Her Forever21 a tank top part igor and andre Danny Roberts and Forever21 collaboration lineFrench  Fashion Blogger and Writer Louise Ebel of the Blog Miss Pandora  in Her white t shirt part of  igor and andre artist Danny Roberts collaboration with Forever
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