Igor and Andre Artist Danny Roberts painting and tank top for Forever 21 of swedish Style blogger Carolina Engman of FashionSquad.


A Sneak Peek of what’s coming….

Hey Friends! Well, I have some fun things for you today! This is only half of my Shirt Collection for Forever21 … To my surprise Teen Vogue & Refinery29 Posted a few images of the Tee’s so i thought i would post them for you too. ;) I’m so excited for you to see all the shirts, and excited for them to be in the stores. But you know what is by far my favorite thing about this collaboration? I get to share it with my friends! Looking at the shirts on Teen Vogue today it hit me, I was like “oh my gosh that’s Geri Hirsch, Louise Ebel, & Carolina Engman all on Forever21 shirts!” Haha its so awesome! I think the friendships i’ve made blogging are the best rewards ever! Oh, and there are a few more friends on the other shirts… So excited for you to see! ;) Hope you like them. P.S thanks Teen Vogue and Refinery 29 your amazing, i love you both! :)

French style and writer Blogger Louise Ebel of miss Pandora on a Danny Roberts Collaboration tee shirt for the clothing store Forever 21Danny Roberts Collaboration Tee for Forever21 the painting is of  Because im addicted LA Based style blogger Geri Hirsch
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