a black and white portrait of Silent film legion lillian gish in her 1926 film la boheme for Inspiration friday

Inspiration Friday

Moon Brought Visions of Far Places

(Photo from Chadwick Tyler, Sarah Moon, Jac Remise, and the movie La Boheme. Not sure of the source of the sea picture.)

Yay! Happy Inspiration Friday! I’m really excited to get back painting now that everything is clean.I started sketching out the concept of what i’m going to paint… and needless to say, i’m really excited to start it. The Inspiration Friday set today was semi inspired by Dreams.
You know how in dreams, things that are strange and different exist in your dream, yet somehow they don’t seem out of place, and how most of the faces your see in dreams look familiar even though you may not know the people.Well this was kinda my starting concept with this set.I hope you like it and have a great inspirational day!

Inspiration friday feature Photographer Sarah moon yellow and pink clown like picture and chadwick tyler dust bowl of imogen morris clarke for his tiberius series Igor and andre Inspiration friday Blue photo upside down of rocks and stormy seaSarah Moon sepia photo of a hill and clouds that looks like a painting Inspiration friday Inspiration friday post of Sarah Moon Photo of a girl with pale skin and bright red lips with her mouth open under water with butterflies in her hairA black and white photo of skeletons playing cards and gambling the picture is called Satans playroom by Jac Remise for igor and andre Inspiration friday
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