igor and andre Inspiration friday image of a bunch of Little kids in 1910 raising there hand via snorpy

Inspiration Friday

A Dream That I Call Home

Well My Friends it’s Friday!~ YAY! I’m really happy that it is. This has been a long week! For example, I definitely fell asleep at my computer while proof reading last night! My brother was kind enough to proof it, and click post for me, then wake me up! hahah Yea, needless to say, I’m ready for some sleep this weekend. So today’s Inspiration Friday was inspired by the mix I’m currently listing to… The playlist is posted up on “Inside My Brain” so you can listen along ;) But really like how it turned out! It has a warm intimate feel to it. It kind of reminds me of the dreams you have that you’re really disappointed you had to wake up, and you wish they could go on forever… You know what I’m talking about, right??? The Images are from a variety of places… Snorpy, Joe Sorren (my favorite living painter), Vincent Van Gogh, Life Magazine (1950), And the last photo on the bottom right, I took during this last Fashion Week at the Siki Im Fashion Presentation. P.S. The image of Kate Moss was when she was 14 and it was her first photo shoot, i think… What the heck! She looked like a star from day 1 ;) P.S.S. I’m working on a story book painting for yawl, i think you will like it! :)

Vincent Van Gogh Self portrait chapeau and A black and white portrait of Kate Moss when she was 14 in her First Photo Shoot EverInspirational Painting of a girl laying on a bed pinks by Artist Joe SorrenOld Photo From the 1800s Sepia of 5 sitting men on of the men has a funny pointed hatRue Lawrence sitting in a frill dress working on school work, October 1950 Cover girl of Life Magazine by Alfred Eisenstaedt. Danny Roberts Black white portrait oh a boy at the siki im Fashion week fall 210 collection new york time hat
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