inspiration Friday sepia picture of A Close up of silent film Actress Lillian Gish eyes

Inspiration Friday

Reliving Again & Again

(Images by Lina scheynius, Sarah Moon, and the first one is of sient film actress Lillian Gish.)

Happy Inspiration Friday!
I’m just getting rolling for today and so far so good.
Currently brewing some more coffee, and trying to get warm, and get on doing some writing.
Today’s Inspiration Friday theme kind of has a Groundhog Day theme to it.
The Concept was “An old memory that you want to relive over and over again.”
I really like how the set of images turned out. All of the pictures have a really warm and pleasant feel. ;)
Well, I hope you are having a great day! :)

A photo of a pink tower from photographer Lina scheynius Diaryfor inspiration FridayInspiration Friday photo of a greenish clouds in the sky by from swedish photographer Lina scheynius A warm Vintage Inspiration Friday Picture of the back of two girls heads dressed in 1920s clothes photo by sarah moomLina scheynius Photo of SarajevoRoof Tops for inspiration Friday
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