Artist Danny Roberts  waist up Study Sketched painting of A girl Josette wearing a strapless dress and a crown in the the Runaway Forest for Igor and andre storybook series

Fairy Tale

The Runaway Forest Concept Sketch

Well Good morning! How’s the day treating you? Well T Minus 8 days till my brother and i leave for NYC. There is still so So much to do… C’est la Vie ;) So my best friend since like i was in 3rd grade, Benje, arrived here last night. He has been living in Kenya for the last year or so. It’s been amazing catching up with him. So growing up, my brother David, Benje, my friend Sean, Ryan, and i have been best friends. And since we all have moved to different places and we are all doing different things now, we started a yearly tradition of doing a week (or weekend) vacation to catch up and relax. So tomorrow i will be leaving for that. Should be so much fun! I should have tons of pictures from the trip for yea ;) Ok Now for this sketch… You know how i’ve been saying i write music & write stories? Well i’ve finally officially started writing my first story book! My brother and i had a road trip this last weekend and we got rolling on the first book in the series. The sketch above is one of the first study/concept sketches i’ve done for the story. I really hope you like it! P.S. I’m thinking of posting some excerpts of the story as it is written… Is that something you would be interested in? EDIT: Just Realized i left out the newest member to the friends get away, Alice! This is the first trip since Ryan and Alice have been married! woot woot!

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