Artist Danny Roberts of igor and andre video for IMG Models Show Package
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IMG Models Spring 2013 Show Package

Well, my friends, it’s finally up! So excited to share this with you. I was asked by IMG Models to make a stop motion video of coloring their Show book for this season that came out today. The Show book is incredible. It was made in a way that it’s a coloring book, and every model’s showcard can tear out if you want to. I decided to keep my book intact seeing as it’s the largest coloring book I own. It was actually the first show package I’ve ever received, which was cool in itself. I got the coloring book Friday morning, and started coloring right away. Three days, 9 large bags of candy, 138 pages and 6,435 pictures later, this video was born. Saturday morning, David and I were at Peet’s drinking coffee (a Saturday morning Family Tradition), when we came up with the idea of incorporating candy into the video. We thought that Models, candy, and coloring books would be the best combo ever. We picked up 9 massive bags of candy and separated every candy and every color into different glasses. As i colored, David and his girlfriend Kristie would arrange and re-arrange the candy patterns between frames. I think my favorite in the video is in the finale, David had the idea of having the Starbursts bloom like flowers. It happens really fast, but looks really cool. There are a lot of fun little hidden things in the video, so it might be worth watching with YouTube slow motion, like the Starburst pacman, and when i paint one of the pictures with pink Good & Plenties dipped in water. I think we will post tomorrow some of our favorite stills from the video. Oh yea, and the song is by my friends, Zac, Ryan and Alice Baxley. They have a side project called “Cars! Bullets! Trains!!!” and the song is called “Just Count to Ten”. Well, I hope you like it. We had so much fun making it. Let me know what you think. ;)

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