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Julia Frakes In Motion — Video

Well, I’m excited to unveil the 5th Speed Painting Video. It’s me painting Julia Frakes Benefit Invite. I tried something a little different this time around. So, I picked out this genius song by Yann Tiersen, before i even started the drawing … Then i counted how many beats per minute there were in the song. Also, i broke the song up into 4 main parts. So then my goal was to try to create a visual that matched the music, which means i had to draw a line and then stop and take a picture, and so on… It was brutal, i’m not going to lie. haha Trying to pay attention to the drawing, and also counting how many pictures i had taken, so i could coordinate different mediums coming into the music…. Basically, this video was kinda crazy to make… but i really like how it turned out. Feel free to repost or embed the video anywhere you want ;) There are a lot of subtleties in this video which makes it fun to watch and re watch. I hope you like how this Stop Motion Video turned out. If you could help me get the word out about the video, that would be incredible! Hope your having a great day! I love you all so much! :) P.s. if you watch it over on youtube you can watch the High Definition (HD) version of it! :)

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