Motion painting video screen shot of model Rasa Zukauskaite by Fashion artist danny roberts
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Speed Painting video

Rasa In Motion

Well, today has been kinda a crazy day, but all in all, it’s been good. I’m happy to finally have a drawing processes video of Rasa Zukauskaite for you. It’s been so long since the last one. I can’t even remember when the last time i did one? It was either the Proenza Schouler video or the Elle Fanning video? So the other day, I busted out the ladder and tied my tripod & camera on to it and drew and painted while the camera snapped to its heart’s content. I know you’re probably thinking cameras don’t have hearts, and they might not, but mine does ;) Anyways, 435 pictures later, and some editing… I present you with this stop motion video. The Music is by my friend Tim Frost. Tim is a co-member of the music group we are in called the Dream Walking Society. The song is from his album called “Bead Box” that he made for his son all with Nintendo sounds. It’s pretty much one of my favorite albums. Hope you like it.

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