a Simple Character model development water color and pencil sketch by artist Danny Roberts of Igor and andre girl lil Finn

Fairy Tale

Lil Finn Character Development Sketch

Hey Friends, So today’s painting is the first of hopefully a lot more character Development Sketches. I’ve been working developing story ideas and trying to learn how to develop drawn characters. A little while back i stumbled on to the character model sheets for Pinocchio, and i was so inspired i though i would make some of my own. This was my first attempt at developing a character named “Lil Finn“. Though i like how this water color sketch turned out, it’s definitely not there yet. Still trying to get the hang of all this! But i really hope you like it! :) Oh lastly, I wrote you all a song this weekend! I think i will try to upload it for this Inspiration Friday! :) Hope you’re having a great day!

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