the day boy and night girl Painting by Artist Danny Roberts

DBNG Fairy Tale

The Day Boy & Night Girl

I started this piece 2018 with a really raw thumbnail sketch (see below). A few months later I tried to develop the concept more for a few weeks and felt like I didn’t have the skills to pull the drawing off. Fast forward to the start of this month, I finally felt up to the task. This piece is inspired by the 1882 fairy tale novel “The Day Boy & Night Girl” by George MacDonald. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it. It is one the most magical stories. I loved the idea of depicting moment of when day crosses over into the night. I had such a clear picture of what i wanted, so I kept redrawing this piece till it felt right. I’m planning on carving a relief/oil painting of this piece. I really hope you like it.

I created a limited edition print of the piece. If You’re interested click here to check it out. 😉

Day boy night girl Concept Sketch
artist Danny Roberts Storybook art featuring Camille queen of the trees in the water

Fairy Tale

Camille’s Midnight Stroll

“Camille has been around longer than anyone alive. One would think that out-living everyone one that you know would be a solemn and sobering experience. Not for her. She has very much enjoyed it. Where she lives, all of the animals adore her. Why wouldn’t they? She is the eternal Queen of the Trees.”

Just a concept for Camille “Queen of the Tree” character design. I she is one of my favorite characters in our up in coming book so designing her has been really fun. She is such a magical and sassy character. I can’t wait for you to read the book.

A Map drawing from Artist Danny Roberts and David Roberts Forgotten City Map

Fairy Tale Illustration

Welcome the the Forgotten City

How’s your day/night going? Ours has been pretty fun. I found this crazy text-to-speech software that reads whatever you type. And my brother and parents and I sat around and had the computer read the first few chapters of our book back to us. It was such a surreal feeling to hear another voice reading our book, albeit a computer voice, but it was awesome. One of my life time goals is to have Jim Dale be the reader of our book’s book on tape. Have you ever heard him read? He’s incredible and Dave and I agree we must find a way for him to be our reader. I’m going to put in a few more hours tonight to try to finish the 6th chapter. I thought in honor of possibly finishing the chapter tonight, i would post a drawing from the story. :) This drawing is a map i made a few months ago of a place in our stories called the Forgotten City. When i was first designing the city, I 3D modeled the the landscape for inspiration. It helped so much for when i was designing the city. I really hope you like it. I can’t wait for you all to read the stories. ;)

Artist Danny Roberts painting of Img swedish model Mona Johannesson Dressed like princess Josette in an detailed ornate lace dress from Machesa Fall 2012

Collection Fairy Tale

Marchesa Fall 2012

Hey Friends!
Well i’m so so so so happy to finally be posting this painting! It took about 2-3 weeks to do. Which is way longer than i thought it would take. I used Pencil, Pen, Color Pencil, Ink, Water Color, and Oil Paint. The clothes in the painting are from Marchesa‘s beautiful Fall 2012 collection.

So the concept for the painting… As you all know, my brother and I have been working on writing a story book. Since the book isn’t done, i can’t really share much from it… I thought i could start doing paintings from the stories and start introducing you to the characters. This painting is of a character named Josette Halirk. She is a Princess. She technically isn’t in the book we are writing right now, cause she is just a little kid when our first book takes place. I used model Mona Johannesson as a face reference. For some reason, i feel like Mona’s look really fits perfectly how i picture Josette. I really hope you like the painting.

Artist Danny Roberts painting of Img swedish model Mona Johannesson Dressed like princess Josette Facedetails picture of Artist Danny Roberts painting of ornate lace dress from Machesa Fall 2012
Artist danny roberts painting of a boy holding a girl up and them kissing for Valentines day. There names are Elizabeth lil fin and Samuel Percy

Fairy Tale Valentines day

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!
Sorry for the massive absence from blogging. When the new year came around, I made a New Year’s resolution to really improve in my drawing and painting over this next year. I’ve been practicing drawing a lot, and have been working on my fundamentals, also working to improve on some of the weaknesses I have in drawing and painting. I will be posting some new work soon, and hopefully you will start seeing a difference. :) Also, my brother and I have been working a lot more on the story book we are writing. The painting today is actually a scene out of the story. The characters names are Samuel Percy and Elizabeth Finn (aka Lil Finn). I hope you like it, and I hope you’re having a great Valentine’s Day. :)

A layered art Piece by Danny Roberts of a little girl blowing away by wind

Fairy Tale

The Girl That Blew Away

Hey Friends! I just wanted to post this picture up before i went to bed.
I was having fun with a few new ideas and techniques today,
and this picture is what i came up with.
I know it’s kind of simple… but i really like it. :)
What do you think?
I hope you like it!

Artist Danny Roberts Half way Done Oil painting of a girl and a guy and a fox

Fairy Tale

Oil Painting Sneak Peak

Well, it’s finally here! Just a little sneak peak of that oil painting I was working on. I worked alot on it today and still have a few more days of work to go. It’s been a good learning experience, so far. I’m really excited to finish this thing up. What do you think? I hope you are all well : )

A black and white sketch by Artist Danny Roberts of a bavarian Cottage Tree House for his Children's Story book

Fairy Tale

Story Book Concept Drawing of Tom’s House

Hi, everyone!
How are you?! : ) As I mentioned, I’ve been oil painting a lot lately and really enjoying it.  I think the painting is starting to take shape now, and I’m getting excited about it.  Hopefully it will turn out cool and I’ll have something fun to share with you! Also, I might have a new video coming soon. So my friend Carolina and I have always talked about building a giant tree house,and I decided to design one! Haha This is my drawing of it. I hope you like it!

P.S. this is pretty much my dream home ;)

Artist Danny Roberts Digital Painting Concept Sketch of a girl with an umbrella

Fairy Tale

Foggy Dream Walking

Hey Friends how was your weekend? Mine was great! My Sister and brother-in-law got me this amazing book from the Tim Burton exhibit  at LACMA, so i have been looking through it non-stop for the last two days! I’m really excited to see what kind of art it will inspire :) I’m also working on a new oil painting… I’ve only done the first two layers of paint, but once it starts taking shape i will start posting pictures :) Since i just started oil painting more lately, I thought it would be interesting to take what i’m learning and apply it over to digital painting. The Picture above is what i came up with. I like how it’s a little bit different than my usual. What do you think?