Artist and Illustrator Danny Roberts pen drawing of a nurse lady


The Nurse Lady

So for a while now my family has been telling me to post some of my older drawings and rough drawings that i have never posted. So every now and then, i’m going to post some really old drawings. The drawing today is one i did back in 2007 for a friend of a friend’s band t-shirt. I’ve always liked this drawing. There is something about 1930’s nurses that are so classic, i love it. I hope you like it.

Book update: Up to 192 pages in the book! ;)

A Map drawing from Artist Danny Roberts and David Roberts Forgotten City Map

Fairy Tale Illustration

Welcome the the Forgotten City

How’s your day/night going? Ours has been pretty fun. I found this crazy text-to-speech software that reads whatever you type. And my brother and parents and I sat around and had the computer read the first few chapters of our book back to us. It was such a surreal feeling to hear another voice reading our book, albeit a computer voice, but it was awesome. One of my life time goals is to have Jim Dale be the reader of our book’s book on tape. Have you ever heard him read? He’s incredible and Dave and I agree we must find a way for him to be our reader. I’m going to put in a few more hours tonight to try to finish the 6th chapter. I thought in honor of possibly finishing the chapter tonight, i would post a drawing from the story. :) This drawing is a map i made a few months ago of a place in our stories called the Forgotten City. When i was first designing the city, I 3D modeled the the landscape for inspiration. It helped so much for when i was designing the city. I really hope you like it. I can’t wait for you all to read the stories. ;)