Danny Roberts Storybook painting of a guy and a girl in a woods and snow

Fairy Tale

It Happened One Night

Wow friends! I was overwhelmed by all your amazingly nice comments about the McQueen Cover. :) Thank you so much. Oh also Sunday something even cooler happened… My Dad got inducted into the National Wrestling Hall Fame!! Congrats Poppa! that was amazing ;) I experimented a bunch on this story book painting today. Tried some different mixed media stuff on this one ;) This is only part 1 of the painting, as i have another idea for it. Well i hope you like it! thank you all again

Danny Roberts Black and white sketch of a girl sitting in a boat with boy with bowler hat enchanting the queen.

Fairy Tale

Enchanting the Queen

Hey Friends! Wow i’m painfully tired! Sorry for the delay in posting! Last night my brother & I had the pleasure of going to Charlotte Ronson JC Penney Collaboration party, and got to see Foreigner Play! I was blown away how good Foreigner sounded! It was really fun night, but i’m extremly tired today cause of it! hahahah “C’est la vie”! Well the Picture to day is a concept sketch i did of a story i’ve been planning to write now for the last 3 years. The title of the story is “Enchanting the Queen”. I’m Hoping to start outlining this weekend, a bunch of short stories & different books i want to write. i will keep you posted… Well i hope you like the sketch and I hope you all are having a wonderful day! ;) P.S. Thanks you Matt Kays, Carlos, and Krystal for fun night :)

Danny Roberts Artist of igor and andre story book painting of a girl and a fox

Fairy Tale

The Girl & Her Fox

Hey friends, how are you!? SO… tonight my Dad got inducted into the Orange County Wrestling Hall of Fame for coaching! It was amazing! Such a great event ;) Congrats poppa! ;) Well, the drawing today is a random little sketch i did the other day called “The Girl & Her Fox”! It was more of a brain storming sketch. I’m not sure who the characters are yet, and what the story line behind them is yet. ;) I hope you like it :)

Artist Danny Roberts Painting of Animal and people traveling alternative transportation

Fairy Tale

Sometimes I Want to Travel in a large Caravan

Well, my friends, since i posted about my brother yesterday, I thought i would post this painting i did 3 or 4 years ago for my brother’s birthday. The painting is 4ft by 5ft and is on pieces of water color paper. :) I’ve been really wanting to find some random forest to go on an adventure lately! Have i ever told you about my obsession/biggest “want” ever? Well, it’s a TREEHOUSE! Shoot! I have wanted one so, so, so bad! Still have never had one.. maybe one of these days. Well, i hope you all are having a wonderful day!

a close up of Artist Danny Roberts Painting of Animal and people traveling alternative transportation
Danny Roberts Layered Ilustration of a queen Girl

Fairy Tale

In the Beginning

Well happy Monday! haha kinda an Oxymoron huh? Well, had a great long weekend; went sailing with my family and my aunt and uncle. It was incredible, the wind was amazing. It was beautiful! Then today worked on finishing up Sophie Ward’s Children’s Book. I’m really close; i can’t wait for you all to read it. Oh, the picture i posted today is the first layered Art i ever did. It gave birth to the whole layered art series. I hope you like it! Hope you are having a great night :)

Danny Roberts Painting of a innocent girl with her hair flying

Fairy Tale

My Girl Has Flying Hair

Painting was inspired by a photo by Rengim Mutevellioglu Hello, hello My Friends, How’s your Wednesday going? Spent the morning doing this painting for yawl. The picture I drew this off of is so incredibly dreamy, and since the last week i’ve been having long detailed dreams, i thought i would paint a dream picture. :) I really hope you like it! On a different note, been night swimming the last 3 nights! It’s been incredible. i forgot how much fun night swimming was! Welp, off to lunch and back to work! i hope you are doing great :)

Danny Roberts figure painting of Girl With Young deer

Fairy Tale

The Doe & Her Fawn

Hello friends. Well, i’m sitting with my fam watching the animated Peter Pan for the second time in three days. You have no idea how much i love this movie. Every element, especially Miss Wendy! She is wonderful! ;) If only i could figure out how to climb into the tv and live in Neverland…. hmm.. next invention… Well, i painted this picture today. It’s my own version of Bambi, i guess. i saw this picture today, and couldn’t help but draw it! i really like how it turned out. Hope you like it!! :)

Art is a Painting Danny Roberts did of his story book  Night Queen, Arora

Fairy Tale

Arora Queen of the Night

Well Finally a scan and a name for Miss Arora Queen of the Night. Forgive me for the delay i’m still catching up from the trip. it’s kinda scary how far behind one can get leaving for 10days… haha i’m hoping to be caught up with everything tomorrow! woot woot! how are you all doing??? well friends i hope you all are doing amazing!

This Painting is from Sophie Ward and Danny Roberts childrens book it is of a cat that Smells like marmalade Toast and whose name is Ginger

Fairy Tale

Mr. Toastmeister

Wow, oh wow! It seems like yesterday that my friend Sophie Ward and i started planning out how her great story, “The Ginger Marmalade Toastmeister“, would look… I remember sitting at this amazing coffee shop in Santa Monica, huddling around rough thumbnail sketches, and brain storming all the little subtle touches we could add to it… aw i miss those days! I realized it was almost a year to the day since i started working on the book. And don’t worry, i will finish it really soon. That is my goal! i’m closing in on it. My friend Jason Jones hand wrote all the type for it! This picture is a little sneak peak of page 13 out of it. :) Let me know what you think!