Character development drawing by Danny Roberts for a story and his series on love drawing of Samuel and lil finn

Fairy Tale

Character Development For Our Story

Hi friends! How are you? So I ran out of clay and have to wait for more to arrive to finish my sculpture. I’m really excited, though! It is a super fun medium. Today’s post is a drawing I did for some character development for the story I am writing with my brother David. This is of lil’ Finn and Samuel. It also is part of the Series on Love : ) I hope you are all having a great week so far and I can’t wait to show you the sculpture if it turns out!

Danny Roberts igor and andre story development sketch painting of a boy and a girl and fox looking out at a dock city

Fairy Tale

The City on the Water- Concept Painting

Awe morning! Wow feels good NOT waking up at 2:00 am today! haha It’s been crazy here, been raining non-stop for a couple of weeks… Which i have to say, has put me in a perfect mood for painting. :) The painting today is one of the first i’ve done with my new water color set. I had a lot of fun layering on this one. This is just a concept painting for a story i’m working on with my brother. You honestly have no idea how excited i am to show & tell you the story… Hopefully soon ;) Well i hope you like the painting, and i hope you’re having a great day!

a Simple Character model development water color and pencil sketch by artist Danny Roberts of Igor and andre girl lil Finn

Fairy Tale

Lil Finn Character Development Sketch

Hey Friends, So today’s painting is the first of hopefully a lot more character Development Sketches. I’ve been working developing story ideas and trying to learn how to develop drawn characters. A little while back i stumbled on to the character model sheets for Pinocchio, and i was so inspired i though i would make some of my own. This was my first attempt at developing a character named “Lil Finn“. Though i like how this water color sketch turned out, it’s definitely not there yet. Still trying to get the hang of all this! But i really hope you like it! :) Oh lastly, I wrote you all a song this weekend! I think i will try to upload it for this Inspiration Friday! :) Hope you’re having a great day!

Artist Danny Roberts  waist up Study Sketched painting of A girl Josette wearing a strapless dress and a crown in the the Runaway Forest for Igor and andre storybook series

Fairy Tale

The Runaway Forest Concept Sketch

Well Good morning! How’s the day treating you? Well T Minus 8 days till my brother and i leave for NYC. There is still so So much to do… C’est la Vie ;) So my best friend since like i was in 3rd grade, Benje, arrived here last night. He has been living in Kenya for the last year or so. It’s been amazing catching up with him. So growing up, my brother David, Benje, my friend Sean, Ryan, and i have been best friends. And since we all have moved to different places and we are all doing different things now, we started a yearly tradition of doing a week (or weekend) vacation to catch up and relax. So tomorrow i will be leaving for that. Should be so much fun! I should have tons of pictures from the trip for yea ;) Ok Now for this sketch… You know how i’ve been saying i write music & write stories? Well i’ve finally officially started writing my first story book! My brother and i had a road trip this last weekend and we got rolling on the first book in the series. The sketch above is one of the first study/concept sketches i’ve done for the story. I really hope you like it! P.S. I’m thinking of posting some excerpts of the story as it is written… Is that something you would be interested in? EDIT: Just Realized i left out the newest member to the friends get away, Alice! This is the first trip since Ryan and Alice have been married! woot woot!

Artist Danny Roberts Quick Fairytale Storybook Princess Sketch of Josette

Fairy Tale

Quick Princess Sketch ;)

Hey! How was your day? Mine went pretty well, I’ve been working like crazy. I thought i’d post this quick Sketch. I’m thinking of doing a polished painting of this one… What do you think? Should i? ;) I hope yawl are doing great!

Danny Roberts Sketch of Ginger M. Toast Miester Study Sketch of a cat in a suit tuxedo

Fairy Tale

Ginger M. Toast Miester Study Sketch

Hey Friends… So my good Swedish friend from BlogLovin Mattias came down to stay with us this weekend. Mattias is a big fan of Surfing, So we hung out at the beach all weekend, Needless to say, i’m painfully sunburnt! My stomach is bright red right now… hahaha The Painting today is a Study Sketch of Ginger Marmalade Toast Miester. If you don’t know, Ginger Marmalade Toast Miester is a kid’s story written by Sophie Ward that i am doing the artwork for. This was a Early character Development sketch i did for it. We ended up going in a different direction with it, but i really like his glasses and his suit… He’s like the 007 cat! haha Well anyways, i hope you like it. :)

Artist Danny Roberts of igor and andre Painting of Miette from his Storybook Series the Dream Walking Society

Fairy Tale

Miette’s First Visit to the Other Side

Hey Friends, How’s the week going for you? This week has been crazy… Been trying to finish up a bunch of projects before i leave tomorrow night at midnight for Texas. My good Friend Stacy Dupree of the band Eisley is getting married to another friend Darren King of the band Mutemath. I’m really excited, they are both wonderful people, also really excited to see all my friends in Texas, too. :) So the Painting today… The painting is of a Character named Miette from a story book series i’ve been wanting to write. I have been having a lot of fun painting Little Kids lately. I really like how the painting turned out. She turned out exactly the way i had pictured her. I really hope you like it :)

Danny Roberts and Josette in the water of a shipwreck

Fairy Tale

I’m Back and I’m 25

Well, Hello! Wow sorry friends for the 2 week absence! I was working around the clock, but finally I’m back ;) Thank you all for the Birthday wishes yesterday! You all are amazing! I thought i would make a Sequel drawing to my 23rd birth day drawing for you. I know, it’s a little doodle, but I hope you like it :) Don’t worry i will have some big paintings for you soon! i just need to catch up on sleep cause I’m so tired! I hope you all are doing great.

Artist Danny Roberts Sephia Sketch of Disney model for wendy of peter pan and alice in wonderland, Kathryn Beaumont as a kid in It Happened One Sunday

Fairy Tale

Kathryn Beaumont

Hey Friends! So today is something a little different, i guess. I found this picture of Walt Disney’s muse Kathryn Beaumont. Kathryn is the voice and the model for the Character “Wendy” from “Peter Pan” and she is also “Alice” of “Alice and Wonderland”. So with that said, I found this picture of Kathryn Beaumont as a little girl in the movie “It Happened One Sunday”. She was so completely adorable, i did this little sketch of her. I really like how it turned out :) I hope you like it. Also, hope you’re having a great day! :)

Igor and andre Arist Danny Roberts Painting of his Story Book Character Josette with blue eyes and a hat

Fairy Tale

Josette & The Black Hat

Hey hey hey! Happy thursday! How was your day? I’m so exhausted, but oh well, such is life. :) The Painting today is of a character named Josette from a Story I’m writing. I’ve been watching a lot of 1930s movies lately so i think that era’s style influenced this picture. … Those old movies were pure magic!

Oh, also I started on part of the final version of the animation. Yikes this might take a while… I’m shooting for the animation to be 40 seconds, which is going to be insanely time consuming, but i hope yawl will like the the final version :) Well, hope you all are having a great day.