Artist Danny Roberts Valentines Falling in Love it happened one night. girl holding guys jacket love.

Valentines day

Falling in Love

I meant to have this illustration done for Valentine’s day, but two years in a row my Valentine’s concept came to me on Valentines day. The main inspiration for this piece came from the 1934 film “It Happened One Night” by one of my all time favorite directors Frank Capra. The movie is one of my family’s favorites. I really wanted to capture that moment when a person realizes that they are falling in love. I had a really clear picture in my head of what I was going for. It ended up taking me 4-6 redraws till I felt like I captured that feeling. I’m really happy with how it turned out.

Also I’m creating a limited edition fine art prints of this piece. There will only be 15 prints of this ever made. The Print size is 17 inches by 17 inches and the image size is 15 inches by 15 inches. Every print I will hand embellish. I’m Selling them for $120 with free shipping. Leave a comment if you are interested. I posted a picture of the print below. Let me know what you think :) I love hearing from you.

Valentines Falling in Love it Limited edition 15 by 15 fine art print by Artist Danny Roberts .Close up Artist Danny Roberts Valentines Falling in Love it happened one night. Clark GableClose up Artist Danny Roberts Valentines Falling in Love it happened one night. Girl Sleeping
Artist Danny Roberts self portrait 2014 Valentine Kissing a girl in Marchesa spring 2012

Valentines day

Need a Valentine?

Happy Valentine’s Day! So this week, I thought I would make a valentine for you all. If you were wondering, it is me in the picture. The girl is wearing a dress from Marchesa Spring 2012, and I’m wearing Gucci Fall 2014. I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

Artist danny roberts painting of a boy holding a girl up and them kissing for Valentines day. There names are Elizabeth lil fin and Samuel Percy

Fairy Tale Valentines day

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!
Sorry for the massive absence from blogging. When the new year came around, I made a New Year’s resolution to really improve in my drawing and painting over this next year. I’ve been practicing drawing a lot, and have been working on my fundamentals, also working to improve on some of the weaknesses I have in drawing and painting. I will be posting some new work soon, and hopefully you will start seeing a difference. :) Also, my brother and I have been working a lot more on the story book we are writing. The painting today is actually a scene out of the story. The characters names are Samuel Percy and Elizabeth Finn (aka Lil Finn). I hope you like it, and I hope you’re having a great Valentine’s Day. :)

Declaration of Romantic Intent Form for Valentines day

Valentines day

Declaration of Romantic Intent

Hey Friends! Happy Valentine’s Day! It was wonderful meeting alot of you yesterday at the Chictopia 10 Summit! My bags finally arrived! And this trip has been a blast! I’m going to have a post up purely deadicated to NY Fashion Week. But right now, slept in a little late and have to get running. Well, since it is Happy Valentine’s Day, and i already gave you the valentine, I thought i would post this “Declaration of Romantic Intent”. i’ve seen it moving throughout the internet lately, and i don’t know who created it, but i thought it was genius! So take it, fill it out and pass it on! Share the love… Happy Valentine’s Day!

Danny Roberts Painting of Gemma Ward and Josh Hartnett for this 2010 valentines day that says will you be my valentine.

Valentines day

Will You Be My Valentine?

Ok Friends, don’t worry, i haven’t lost my mind… I know it’s not Valentine’s Day… But i thought i would paint< a valentine for yawl, but also, i though it would be cool to give you it early so you can download & print and share the love! Yep, yep, that is your homework assignment, give this Valentine to someone you care for, or love, or have a crush on! :) p.s. i made the box the size of the mini Nerds box... cause those are the best V-day candy! Download Quarter Page Valentine 1.9 mb:)
P.s.s if you want to download other Valentines i’ve made over the years, just click here to see them :) …. yea, i like making valentines… haha

Artist Danny Roberts Valentines video featuring Teen Vogue editorial
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Valentines day Video

Valentine’s Video

So I ended up making a stop motion Video of me drawing the Valentine. i hope you like it.
Thanks again for all the wonderful comments on the post below, it was a blessing! :)
Hope your day is going well!

Danny Roberts Holding the Valentine he made for his Bloggers

Valentines day

Your Valentine!

Wow, happy early Valentine’s day! How are you all doing? i think i’m getting sick which is kinda a bummer, but any ways, i had an idea a few weeks back to make a Valentine for all you to be able to download and print and give to someone you’re dating, or you like, or just a friend, or family member… haha anyone, but i must tell you, it is made to be shared, so please share the love around ;) With that said, i’m going to share it with you all!

A couple kissing in Danny Roberts valentines painting.
Danny Roberts Valentine he made for a girl of Valentines day

Valentines day

Pardon My French.

Hahah So first off, pardon my French. i know the French on this picture is grammatically off… Also, i know today isn’t Valentine’s Day, but i thought i would post it anyways. i found this the other day. It’s kinda a goofy Valentine i made years ago for my friend. hahha It makes me laugh looking at it. It’s suppose to say “Will you be my Valentine: yes or no” hahahahha Oh, on another note, i joined BlogLovin today. If you haven’t, i would suggest checking it out. It’s a great way to sort through blogs. If you have it and want to, add this blog (click here).