Danny Roberts Painting of Gemma Ward and Josh Hartnett for this 2010 valentines day that says will you be my valentine.

Valentines day

Will You Be My Valentine?

Ok Friends, don’t worry, i haven’t lost my mind… I know it’s not Valentine’s Day… But i thought i would paint< a valentine for yawl, but also, i though it would be cool to give you it early so you can download & print and share the love! Yep, yep, that is your homework assignment, give this Valentine to someone you care for, or love, or have a crush on! :) p.s. i made the box the size of the mini Nerds box... cause those are the best V-day candy! Download Quarter Page Valentine 1.9 mb:)
P.s.s if you want to download other Valentines i’ve made over the years, just click here to see them :) …. yea, i like making valentines… haha

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