Ali Michael + Lula = Candy

Hello! This weekend when my brother and I were picking up a copy of Teen Vogue, I saw the corner of a familiar looking magazine sticking out in the back row at Barnes & Nobel. After a little Investigation and to my surprise, I found a copy of Lula Magazine! I’ve only seen Lula online, but alot of you have been telling me to go buy a copy. So I finally did, & Me O’My! I’m so Glad I did. First off, the paper stock is amazing! It feels like a photo book! But the colors and the over all aesthetics of the publication are just perfect. As I was looking through the mag, there was one particular editorial that stood out to me more than the others. There is this simple, beautiful, and innocent looking editorial of Ali Michael. The Color Palette is perfect, and Ali’s Expression is magical! It’s funny, but the only way I can describe the pictures is “CANDY”. It reminds me of the way you feel after taking your first taste of candy, and a smile starts to form. So you know of course I had to Paint it! I really really really like how it turned out. I hope you like it too :) Hope you’re having a great day!

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