Danny Roberts Painting of Latin America Vogue with Model Ali Michael


Ali Michael Vogue Latin America

Happy Sunday friends, Wow! Thanks so much! i’m so glad you liked the Romeo+Juliet Painting :) This painting is of a model i really enjoy, she has a wonderful presence, her name is Ali Michael. The image is from Vogue Latin America Cover. I really like how the color turned out. I hope you like it and hope you’re having a wonderful night! P.s. I was looking through thefashionspot today. I’m not a member, but love that site. It’s a never ending image eye candyland.. so wonderful. But anyway, i was on there looking through a Sasha Pivovarova thread and to my amazement, someone had posted one of my drawings on the thread! haha! Wow! You all never cease to amaze me! Whoever did it, thanks so much, really means alot :) If you want to see more Vogue Cover Drawing Click Here

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  1. So gorgeous, so vivid. (:
    I wasn't broke at the moment, I would have loved to purchase one of your girls in glasses' shirts.
    They're adorable.

    August 17, 2009 at 6:20 pm
  2. OH WOW!! so you are the famous guy who paint all this amazing paintings!!! we had been watching a lot of them in many blogs, and we always were like,OH GOD WHO IS THE ARTISTTT!!??!! hahah
    our mum is a painter to, so we enjoy a lot this “world” :)
    we are really amazed with your creations. you can see n them a strong personality and style!
    we add u to our favourites links!

    August 17, 2009 at 7:44 pm