Drawing number 70 out of Artist Danny Roberts Character Sketchbook of Sasha Pivovarova


A Ballerina Named Sasha CSB 70

Hello, friends! I’ve been working on a painting. Hopefully i will have it done by tomorrow… It’s a really fun picture, full of major fashion “Power Players”. Hah I’m working on it for one of my friends. I think it’s going to turn out nice. :) Oh, ok, so the drawing today is Drawing #70 out of volume one of my Character Sketchbook. Wow! It seems like light years ago that i drew this picture… ah… such simple times… :) I think this was one of the first color pictures in the Sketchbook. The picture was drawn with these super cheap fine tip pens, and it was of Sasha Pivovarova. She looked to me like a Ballerina in it. I don’t know why, but i think i’ve always had a crush on ballerinas. They’re so graceful and magical! Like Cate Blanchett in the “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”… so wonderful! Well, my friends, I hope you are doing great!

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