Fashion Artist Danny Roberts Sketch of a Ballerina based off of Ulyana Lopatkina from Swan Lake


A Little More Polished Version

Hey Friends, i worked all day drawing some more frames for the animation below. Yikes, this animation stuff is brutal! But I’m trying my best to finish it! i think it will turn out cool :) But last night i tried to do a little more polished version of a sketch/painting from one of the frames. What do you think? I’m hoping the polished animation will turn out kind of like this piece :) I hope you like it.

P.s thanks Refinery 29 for your wonderful article! :)

Fashion Artist Danny Roberts First Pencil Test animation of Beautiful Ballerina Ulyana Lopatkina in Swan Lake

Animation Ballerina

And Then I Dove in Swan Lake…

So my Friends, how are you doing? Happy Father’s Day to all your Fathers out there, and especially to my father! ;) i don’t know if i’ve mentioned that learning new things is one of my favorite pastimes. So with that said, I spent the weekend trying to learn how to animate! hah What the heck! It’s is so painfully tedious! haha Well, anyway, a friend of mine is a Ballerina, and told me i should do some drawing of them, so i thought a ballerina would be perfect to animate. This is just a rough Pencil Test, I think it would be really cool to do a version of it that is a really high quality, very detailed version. What do you think??? It would be brutal and take days and days, but i think it would look really cool. Oh so, after doing a little ballet research for this piece, i have a new goal… I want to go the Paris Opera Ballet and sketch and paint there for a day or two. Hopefully, if i ever make it out to Paris i will do it ;) Well, i hope you like this little animation!

Danny Roberts First Pastel Like sketch of a ballerina with her eyes closed from the site Odosketch from odopod it is a flash drawing site


Little Miss Ballerina

Hey hey hey Friends! Sorry for the Long Gap between posts… I’ve been exhausted from working, plus i was a little sick, so i’ve just been resting up. But this morning i got a message on twitter to this site called It’s a site where you can sketch pictures online, and it records the actions. So i thought i would give it a try! The picture above was my first test sketch on the site. I hope you like it! Thanks Ann for suggesting it! :) Hope yawl are having a great day!

Update: is out of business so no video :(

Drawing number 70 out of Artist Danny Roberts Character Sketchbook of Sasha Pivovarova


A Ballerina Named Sasha CSB 70

Hello, friends! I’ve been working on a painting. Hopefully i will have it done by tomorrow… It’s a really fun picture, full of major fashion “Power Players”. Hah I’m working on it for one of my friends. I think it’s going to turn out nice. :) Oh, ok, so the drawing today is Drawing #70 out of volume one of my Character Sketchbook. Wow! It seems like light years ago that i drew this picture… ah… such simple times… :) I think this was one of the first color pictures in the Sketchbook. The picture was drawn with these super cheap fine tip pens, and it was of Sasha Pivovarova. She looked to me like a Ballerina in it. I don’t know why, but i think i’ve always had a crush on ballerinas. They’re so graceful and magical! Like Cate Blanchett in the “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”… so wonderful! Well, my friends, I hope you are doing great!

This illustration is a drawing danny roberts did in one of his sketch books of little ballerina girls


The Little Ballerinas

this is a old drawing i did in this sketch book i made that was super long. it’s of theses little girl ballerinas. Not sure why but it one of my favorite drawings. i love that era.

This illustration is a drawing danny roberts did in one of his sketch books of little ballerina girlsThis illustration is a drawing danny roberts did in one of his sketch books of little ballerina girls