Fashion Artist Danny Roberts First Pencil Test animation of Beautiful Ballerina Ulyana Lopatkina in Swan Lake

Animation Ballerina

And Then I Dove in Swan Lake…

So my Friends, how are you doing? Happy Father’s Day to all your Fathers out there, and especially to my father! ;) i don’t know if i’ve mentioned that learning new things is one of my favorite pastimes. So with that said, I spent the weekend trying to learn how to animate! hah What the heck! It’s is so painfully tedious! haha Well, anyway, a friend of mine is a Ballerina, and told me i should do some drawing of them, so i thought a ballerina would be perfect to animate. This is just a rough Pencil Test, I think it would be really cool to do a version of it that is a really high quality, very detailed version. What do you think??? It would be brutal and take days and days, but i think it would look really cool. Oh so, after doing a little ballet research for this piece, i have a new goal… I want to go the Paris Opera Ballet and sketch and paint there for a day or two. Hopefully, if i ever make it out to Paris i will do it ;) Well, i hope you like this little animation!

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