Artist Danny roberts charcoal sketch of Ballerina Cate Hurlin photo by Katie Rodgers

Ballerina Sketch

The Autumn Ballerina

I never know when inspiration is going to hit, but I’m very happy when it does. The inspiration for this piece came from my friend Katie Rodgers‘ (PaperFashion) Instagram story a few months back. She had hosted a sketching workshop and asked two ballerinas to model for it. The workshop was in New York. Even though I’m way over here in California, the beauty of the internet made it as though I was there. (Not really… well kinda… ha ha) The pictures from the event were too beautiful not to draw, so I picked up my toned sketch pad and some charcoal, and this sketch of ballerina Cate Hurlin was born. I hope you are having a beautiful Monday. I’m currently a little sick, so laying low today trying to shake it.

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  1. Petra | Reply

    Coal is my least favorite medium to use (not because of the way it looks but because of the messiness 🙈) you make it look really beautiful and soft! Love the powder blue touch to the skirt! ✨

    November 19, 2019 at 12:56 am
    • Danny Roberts | Reply

      hhaha yes! I fully used to feel the same way. i always fought using it, than this last year something clicked. It become one of my favorites. It is such an expressive medium. Once viewed the medium has if it where paint, So blocking in shapes, instead of  illustrating contours i was able to control the medium a lot more. Thanks for stopping by and saying hi Petra 🙏😊

      November 19, 2019 at 8:09 am