Danny Roberts Drawing of a Model In valentino dress Spring 2010 Dress from Paris Fashion week for sundance chanel

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Red Lips + Valentino Dress

Well, my friends, I’m so so glad you like my new girl!! Really means alot! ;) How was your day today? So, kinda funny story today… I got the random idea of auditioning for the 4th Twilight movie, cause i heard they were going on, and i thought it would be a fun experience. Plus, i’ve been kicking around the idea of doing a little acting… Anyways, i found the site to sign up for the audition, filled out all the info, even uploaded a “headshot” (which was hilarious! haha) and when i finished, it said that auditions ended about 2 weeks ago!! haha i was like, what! come on! haha! oh well… So, I picked the painting today in honor of that story, cause when i was researching the audition, i stumbled on to the “New Moon” Premiere… and was pleasantly surprised that Dakota Fanning was wearing the incredible black lace Valentino Dress that i had painted for Sundance Chanel’sFull Frontal Fashion” as part of the Paris Fashion week coverage. The dress was by far my pick for favorite/Best Dress of this season. It’s just beautiful and eloquent! I really liked how the painting turned out :) The render of the dress at that angle was actually pretty hard for me to draw! It took way longer than i planned. i hope you like it.

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