Artist Danny roberts charcoal sketch of Ballerina Cate Hurlin photo by Katie Rodgers

Ballerina Sketch

The Autumn Ballerina

I never know when inspiration is going to hit, but I’m very happy when it does. The inspiration for this piece came from my friend Katie Rodgers‘ (PaperFashion) Instagram story a few months back. She had hosted a sketching workshop and asked two ballerinas to model for it. The workshop was in New York. Even though I’m way over here in California, the beauty of the internet made it as though I was there. (Not really… well kinda… ha ha) The pictures from the event were too beautiful not to draw, so I picked up my toned sketch pad and some charcoal, and this sketch of ballerina Cate Hurlin was born. I hope you are having a beautiful Monday. I’m currently a little sick, so laying low today trying to shake it.

sketchbook page full of Artist Danny Roberts Sketches of girls faces. アーティストのダニー・ロバーツのスケッチブックのページは、女の子の顔のスケッチです。


Finding Yuki through Trail And Error

Finding the right balance of styles for “Lost in the Crowd” has been a lot of trial and error. I’ve been trying to find my drawing rhythm. When I say rhythm, I mean my natural flow when I draw. I know for just the first chapter there are over 200 panels. With that much drawing I need find a look that is easy to draw, but also fun to draw, something that will keep me excited each time I draw a scene. This sheet was on my early explorations on Yuki‘s design. None of these made the cut, but I wanted to share the journey with you. The good, the bad, and the dank ;)

Danny Roberts Sketches of girls faces in sketchbook. ダニー・ロバーツスケッチブックの女の子の顔のスケッチArtist Danny Roberts Sketches of girls faces in sketchbook. アーティストのダニー・ロバーツのスケッチブックに写っている女の子のスケッチ
igor and andre artist Danny Roberts Loose beauty sketch of model ANABELA BELIKAVA.


Anabela Belikava Sketch

Just a simple sketch of my friend Anabela Belikava. I’ve been trying to improve in the area of drawing light and form so i’ve been doing a lot of little study sketches like this. It’s one of many sketches I did for last months Patreon rewards. I’m really happy with how it turned out. It was done with pencil and some digital color.

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Artist Danny Roberts sketch of Russian ballerina Postnova Stanislava rubytear Video thumbnail
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Sketch Video

Postnova Stanislava – Ballerina Study

It’s funny how the littlest things remind me of being a kid. Making this video I couldn’t help but be reminded of that childhood feeling from when you first get to play with new toys that you just opened up on Christmas morning.

Instead of toys this year, my amazing family helped me out with art supplies that I needed and this was my first drawing getting to break them in. Postnova Stanislava (aka Ruby.Tear) is the Russian ballerina that inspired these sketches. If you have followed my work, for a period of time, I’m sure you have noticed a pattern that I fall into. Where someone Inspires me, I tend to draw them lot… I don’t know what causes it or why it happens. Such is life. I say all of this just to warn you this isn’t my last time drawing Postnova. 😉

The music in the video is by one my favorite singer / songwriters Lydia Cole. The honesty and purity of her voice blows me away every time I hear it. Her music is on repeat playing in the background when I’m drawing. Please check her out she is an incredible human being.

For those who have helped support me on Patreon over the last few months, I am forever grateful. Thank you! 🙏

Lastly, if you are trying to post a comment and the form keeps requiring a url. That is a bug i just fixed so just refresh the page a few times and you should be able to post a comment without having a website. :) Please do comment and say hi. I love hearing from you.

Sketch of Russian ballerina Postnova Stanislava rubytear by danny Roberts pencil and charcoal.
Artist Danny Roberts Pen and Coffee sketch of Korean ulzzang model jung hye won, ahyiseukeurimsong


Jung Hye Won – Breakfast Sketch

During breakfast yesterday, got the urge to do some pen and coffee sketches. I found photos of this really fun and interesting girl named Jung Hye Won. A lot of her pictures were taken at dynamic angles with a wide angle lens, making her look almost like a cartoon. I was really inspired to draw her, so as I ate breakfast, I freehand sketched this picture. I’m really happy with how it turned out. Foreshortening is one of the skills I struggle with a lot, and I think it turned out pretty cool considering that.
So… What’s been inspiring you lately? ;)

Artist Danny Roberts Studdy Sketch of a girl with a big Bow


A Sketch and a Bow

Hi hi hi! I’m back! Aw, so good to be drawing!
How are you all? I’ve been super busy and working
like crazy to get organized. I think I’m almost there.
I took a break from that today and did this for y’all!
I saw this picture and had to draw it.
I wish I knew what the picture was from.
It was really classic looking and caught my eye.
I hope you like it!

p.s. I’m going to Tokyo Fashion Week in a few weeks!
Aw, I’m so excited! Its going to be my first time ever
leaving the country. I have always wanted to go to Tokyo
and cannot wait!!! I’ll keep you posted on the trip!

danny Roberts Art re-interpreted off of an old black and white photo of two little kids kissing


The Boy & Girl

Hey Friends!
How was your weekend? Went and bought some chemicals today for starting the glaze layers tomorrow on that oil painting. I’m really excited to finish up this painting. Looks like I’m still a week away from finishing it. The The picture was just too adorable so the next thing i knew, i was just doodling it and this was the by-product. I hope you like it and i hope you’re having a great Sunday;)

Fashion Artist Danny Roberts Gesture Study sketch of Model Frida Gustavsson for Igor and andre


Gesture Study of the Day

Good morning! So i definitely messed up big time last night and set my alarm to 1:30 a.m. on accident… which is bad, i know, but what was worst, an hour later after i went back to bed, I woke up wide awake! haha yikes~ seriously, so bad, so i just got up and started working… Somehow i have a feeling i’m going to pass out midday today! haha But anyway, had an great weekend, my sister & my brother-in-law had a Christmas party on Saturday. It was awesome seeing them. Also yesterday, saw Tron with my family! Movie was great, and Daft Punk & the Art Direction was perfect! So i’ve been trying to get better at drawing> and painting different gestures and expressions. The Sketch today was a little study sketch i did this last week. I really like how it turned out. It’s definitely a rougher sketch but i really like how expressive she is. I hope you like it too :) Any of you traveling anywhere for Christmas? P.S. Just to update you on the print orders. First off, thank you all so much for your support, it’s been amazing. My mom has been helping process all the orders and get everything shipped, and so far we have been able to get your prints out the day you ordered them. So, if you’re still thinking of getting Christmas prints, the sooner the better. They are all up at P.S.S. I’m thinking of getting rid of Disqus Comment system and go back to bloggers comment system… Cause people have been having problems with Disqus loading or not showing up…. is it working for you?