Danny Roberts drawing of Lily Cole holding a sword and Christopher Plummer in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus


The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

Greetings, my friends… Well, last night i took a journey into greatness, when i saw “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus” at a screening in Nike’s theatre in L.A. I truly don’t remember the last time i saw a movie that good in the theatre. The acting, the visuals, & the story were all incredible! Tom Wait was so impressive, he had a cool, cold, evil to his character. And Heath Ledger was amazing, it was such a different role for him, he was really an amazing actor. Also, it was a trip seeing Lily Cole in the movie! She was really great in the movie! It was really fun seeing the girl that i learned how to draw off of, acting in a movie. She really has one of the greatest looks, so fun.. Well, all and all, i completely loved the movie. I’m dying for it to come out in the theatre’s so i can see it again and again. I did this little sketch today for the movie… i hope you like it :)

Danny roberts Sketch in Bryant Park out side the tents at New York Fashion Week 2009


New York – Day 1

My brother and I are a little short on time so i’m typing as fast as i can cause i want to fill you in. So far, it’s been a blast! We flew in Saturday night and caught up with my good friend Miss Sophie Ward. Then, yesterday we went to the Gerlan Jeans Show, where I ran into lovely Miss Susie of Style Bubble & Julia Fakes of Bunny BISOUS. It was so much fun cause i hadn’t meet them in person, but had done Blogger Portraits of them. After the show, Julia was incredibly nice and gave us a ride back to Bryant Park. My brother and i hung out in Bryant Park for about an hour, where we sat and he read as i drew this picture. The tents are in the background. Later, we went to a show called Siki Im which i have to say, was the most insane show i’ve ever seen! I took a few pictures, you can see in my Image Diary. I’m hoping to have a video up by next week. ;) Then later last night, we meet up with Rumi from Fashiontoast and her boyfriend Colin, and Bianca from Modelina for Erin Fetherston’s after party, where we meet Yvan (the Facehunter) and saw Miss Krystal Simpson. :) It was a great day.

Artist Danny Roberts painting of a girl Standing in the wind


Gone With the Wind

Well my friends how is your weekend going? Mine is moving a long. did this painting, and just got done with a little night swimming! What is it about night swimming that is so wonderful? well i hope you all are doing wonderful. I think i will be solidifying my plans for Fashion week this week, so keep your fingers crossed ;)

Danny Roberts sketch of a girl and a bear head


Happy Thursday Night

Hey friends! Happy Thursday!
hahah Almost Friday! woot woot.
Well, i didn’t finish that painting,
but did this little sketch for you.
i saw this picture of this girl carrying this over-sized stuffed bear head.
It’s was way too amazing to pass up.
haha i hope you like it. :)

This is a drawing artist, Danny Roberts did at the restaurant Di Buca Di Beppo of the old photographs on the walls.


Crayons at Restaurants…

For those who have been the Italian restaurant “Di Buca Di Beppo” you know that every square inch of the place is covered in old photo’s. And basically old 20’s-30’s photo’s are on of my favorite things in the world. So Last year i went there with a bunch of friends and they sat us in this big booth, and gave us crayons and paper menus. To me when that happens my body can’t resist the pull or the longing… it’s like the greatest formula for the most terribly fun experience. Crayons and old pictures! yea i’m getting excited just thinking about it right now. so needless to say the drawings above are the result of the incredible night.