Artist Danny Roberts 6th drawing ever of fashion model gemma ward in volume 1 of his character sketchbook

The Lily and Gemma book

The 6th Character Sketch

OOOOOh ok so, I ♥ Saturday’s! hahah How’s your day going? Been having a relaxing day with my family. I had an idea today for a posting series I’m going to start… Since i’ve only been able to draw for about 3-4 years, I thought i would start a weekly post called Remember When. It’s going to consist of drawings that i did back when i was starting to learn how to draw. Thought it could be a cool/fun way to encourage you all that if you like something and want to learn something, With some hard work, you can do anything. :) The drawing today was my 6th drawing ever of Gemma Ward that i did 4 years ago. It’s from Volume 1 of my Character Sketchbook. If you don’t know about my Character Sketchbook i have some info on it here. ;) I hope you like it. Hope you’re having a wonderful Saturday!

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