14th and 15th black and white line drawing out of volume 1 of the character sketch book called the lily cole and gemma ward sketchbook by artist Danny Roberts

The Lily and Gemma book

Lily & Gemma Book Picnic CSB 14 & 15

Wow wow wow! Remember, November 1, 2006! haha haha Ok, so today’s Post is the 14th & 15th drawing from Volume 1 of my Character Sketchbook. The name of Volume 1 is “The Lily & Gemma Book” named after Lily Cole & Gemma Ward, cause they are the first two people i drew to learn how to draw off of. :) Seriously, i can remember where i was and what i was doing when i drew every picture in this book! haha It brings back so many memories! i love it! Well, i hope you are having a relaxing Saturday! I think i might be going to the beach… went yesterday and it was amazing! :)

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