Artist Danny Roberts drawing of Sasha Pivovarova in a Skeleton

The Lily and Gemma book

A Model Skeleton

Hey, Hey, Hey. How are you all doing today?! Wow, i had a long one. Been working a lot lately… How is the week going for you? Anything exciting happening? The drawing today brings back old memories; i drew this almost 3 years ago in Volume 1 of my Character Sketchbook. I actually don’t have the original drawing of this anymore, I gave to Gemma Ward a year and a half ago when she and Sophie came over. We were sitting going through the Character Sketchbook drawings, which was really fun and interesting cause i love sharing my drawing with my drawing subject-matter! But anyways, she picked this one out as one of her favorites, so i gave it to her. Awe, good times. Shoot, makes me miss my Australian sista Sophie so much ;( Well, my friends, i hope you enjoy this line drawing!

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