Sophie Ward's feature in silver magazine


Road Trip of a Life Time!

Well my friends, since mom has adopted Sophie and i guess Sophie has adopted us as her American family, i have to share this with you all. i’m really excited for her. The images i posted are some scans from Miss Sophie Ward’s blog. They are from an article she wrote for a magazine called Silver Magazine. In it, she tells the story about a road trip that she and her sister did around America. For me, it’s really fun to read and see because that was around the time Sophie and i started to become good friends. Actually, if you read the story at the end where they leave from Vegas for LAX airport, that day they actually stopped by my house on the way, which was the first time they had seen my studio. And it was the first time Sophie saw, in person, the drawings i did for her book the Ginger Marmalade Toastmiester. Go to her blog if you get a chance and enjoy!

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  1. she is fantastic and so elquent. i visit her blog often and im amazed with her writing skills. as i am european i enjoy reading a well written “non slang” articles aka posts, because it gives a totayl different dimension… and i can learn as well. xx

    December 6, 2008 at 3:04 pm